Phase One Certified Professional (POCP)

The training program is designed to give working digital techs the training and skills they need to confidently work with the Phase One camera system and Capture One software on the most demanding of jobs.

This is not just another sales presentation that has been labeled a "training seminar". The POCP training program is an advanced seminar designed for working professionals taught by Phase One Technical Support staff, all of which have years of experience on-set.

The POCP training takes place over a two day period encompassing everything from efficient on-set workflow to troubleshooting to camera setup and operation. At the end of two days it culminates with a written test.

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A mixture of lecture and hands-on

Training seminars will include a mixture of lecture and hands-on practice. You will have the opportunity to use the IQ250, IQ260 and P40+ camera systems featuring the Phase One 645DF+ with a Schneider LS lens. Below topics will be covered in great depth:

Phase One digital backs, camera bodies and lenses:
• Technology inside Phase One digital backs
• Phase One 645DF+ camera system and lenses
• Recommended usage and capabilities
• Troubleshooting

Third party cameras:
Usage with Phase One digital backs, troubleshooting, and Canon/Nikon tethering

Recommended setups, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Capture One RAW conversion software:
Efficient workflow in Capture One Pro 8, advanced tool usage, and in depth troubleshooting.

Phase One camera systems


The certification process consists of three steps

• Qualification via our online Pre-Course
• Attending the official POCP training course (2 days)
• Passing the certification exam (written test)

Registration for the Phase One Certification Professional (POCP) training program includes access to the Pre-course and all materials at training. You will be provided with a Pre-Course account and access link upon registration for the POCP training program.

Before you attend the certification training seminar you must first qualify by completing the 5 sections of our online Pre-Course. This online portion of training covers the basics of digital back technology, camera usage, and Capture One Workflow to ensure that you come to the live training ready to go to the next level.

To register for a course please contact the Phase One Dealer who is hosting that event. Go to our events list to find scheduled POCP courses with links to our dealers.

Training dates

The Next Step

Phase One Certified Technician (POCT)

Phase One Certified Technician is the second level of certification in the POCP Program. The emphasis is on specialty products, advanced troubleshooting and advanced Capture One. It is geared towards technical camera users, reproduction shooters, and advanced digital techs looking to expand their toolkit.  POCT is a 1 day course.

To attent POCT you must have already completed the POCP certification. 

Topics covered in POCT include:

  • Using and troubleshooting Phase One backs on Technical Cameras. 
  • Electronic Shutter systems including Schneider USB and Sinar/Rodenstock eShutter.
  • Phase One IXR camera body.
  • Reproduction workflow and technique in Capture One.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting with Capture One Logs
  • Advanced color in Capture One using film curves and color profiles.
  • Introduction to Command Line processing with COPE


Training Dates
  • Jon Gilbert

    POCP instructor

    Jon Gilbert is a member of the Phase One Technical Support team

    Prior to joining the Phase One Team in 2007 Jon spent several years working in the demanding New York market as a Digital Tech and Equipment Manager. He used this experience to develop the POCP program as a way to get inside technical information in to the hands of those using Phase One cameras and software day in and day out.

  • James Johnson

    POCP instructor

    James Johnson is a member of the Phase One Technical Support team

    James joined Phase One in 2009 and has previously worked as a digital and lighting rental specialist and freelance technical assistant in the UK. He has some 8 years experience with Phase One systems and software.

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