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Capture One Pro 7
World-class image quality and photo management

Built on the world's best raw processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 supports you with infinite possibilities to organize, adjust, and showcase your work. Go with the professional solution to help you and your photography excel.

  • Capture One Pro 7 Image QualityCapture One feature
    Image quality

    Based on a groundbreaking new processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality.

  • Capture One Pro 7 instant tethered captureCapture One feature
    Capture and import

    Use Capture One Pro 7 as a key component in your imaging workflow and to improve collaboration with your clients.

  • Organize and SelectCapture One feature
    Organize and select

    Think of Capture One Pro 7 as your digital assistant that can help you take control of your workflow and digital asset management.

  • Capture One Pro 7 enhance and adjustCapture One feature
    Enhance and adjust

    With its many powerful precision adjustment tools, Capture One Pro 7 will assist you in achieving the perfect look for every image.

  • Capture One Pro 7 Export and PrintCapture One feature
    Export and print

    Showcase your creativity and images in their best light. Create a slideshow, produce a web gallery or output in elegant print layouts.

  • Capture One Pro 7 Performance and WorkspaceCapture One feature

    Capture One Pro 7 enables photographers to reduce the time and effort required to create stunning out of the box images.

Image quality

An Image Quality Revolution

Based on a groundbreaking new processing engine, Capture One Pro 7 will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality.

Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice in imaging software. It gives photographers the highly responsive, precision tools they need to create stunning out-of-the-box images from leading high-end cameras.

Capture One Pro 7

New Processing Engine for World-class Raw Conversion
Capture One Pro 7 is based on an entirely new and groundbreaking image processing engine. With its new Bayer Interpolation Method, it will allow you to achieve vastly superior image quality with excellent color and fine detail from your camera’s raw files.

Together with our tailor-made camera profiles, the new processing engine brings better color rendition, produces more detail and improves Noise Reduction, HDR as well as Clarity and much more. It is an image quality revolution with the power to take photography to an entirely new level and allow professional photographers around the globe to excel.

You can upgrade your older generation Capture One images to the new 2012 processing engine. It is not possible to downgrade images from the new processing engine to the 2007 processing engine.

Intelligent Corrections & Superior Adjustments
A host of new workflow enhancers in Capture One Pro 7 will help you work more efficiently: Automated lens correction, improved LCC and even better Local Adjustments. Capture One Pro 7 also offers superior adjustment tools for Noise Reduction HDR, and Clarity – impacting your workflow and performance substantially.

Capture One Pro 7 image quality

Impressive High ISO Noise Reduction
Each camera supported by Capture One Pro 7 has an individual noise profile designed to minimize the effect of noise without reducing details. Naturally, the amount and type of noise reduction can have a custom adjustment too. This extends to reducing noise on high ISO images as well. Shoot confidently at higher ISO values, knowing that Capture One Pro 7 will still produce an excellent file.


Tailor-made Camera Profiles
Capture One Pro 7’s tailor-made camera profiles are renowned for providing ultimate image quality for leading DSLRs. Each camera is tested and fine-tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a bespoke profile that brings out the very best in your camera. Get great out-of-the-box results to reduce the time and effort you need to spend on adjusting individual images. Noise Reduction is now also tailor-made for each camera to let you at higher ISO ratings with confidence.

See all the supported cameras here

It's all in the detail
Get the composition right in camera, and the software will help you secure the details. Building upon advanced mathematics and years of expertise, Capture One Pro 7 will bring out incredible detail and precise colors in your images.

Creative Power Tools for Image Editing
With Capture One Pro 7 we have introduced a quantum leap in imaging quality – providing professionals with amazing tools to enhance and adjust images. Capture One Pro 7 boasts a comprehensive range of new image editing tools that enable you to adjust large numbers of images very efficiently and effectively. With its easy-to-use precision adjustment tools, Capture One Pro 7 will assist you in achieving the perfect look for every image.

Capture and import

Capture Your Vision

Use Capture One Pro 7 as a key component in your imaging workflow and to improve collaboration with your clients.

Capture One Pro 7 allows you to capture your vision in every shot with minimum fuss and maximum effectiveness.

Instant Tethered Capture
Use Capture One Pro 7 as an integrated part of your capture process by shooting tethered, directly into the application. Instantly import and view images as you shoot with the world’s most advanced tethered capture solution. Adjust your camera exposure settings remotely or apply adjustments and multiple styles during capture.

Simply connect your digital back or supported Canon and Nikon DSLRs to a computer to view and examine your images on-screen, in close-up detail, to help make any adjustment choices and to attain a precise composition as well as an incredibly accurate exposure.

Capture One Pro 7 tethered capture

Extensive camera support
Capture One Pro 7 supports more than 200 different raw file formats from a broad range of camera manufacturers and our tailor-made camera profiles are renowned for providing ultimate image quality. Each camera is tested and fine-tuned extensively by our image quality team to create a bespoke profile that brings out the very best in your camera. Capture One supports image files from the most popular digital cameras - Canon, Epson, Fujifilm, Konica Minolta, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh and Sony - as well as Phase One digital backs and selected Leaf and Mamiya digital backs.

See all the supported cameras here

Capture One Pro 7 Capture Pilot

Web-enabled Capture Pilot
Use Capture Pilot to wirelessly and remotely view, zoom, rate, tag, and pan high resolution DSLR and medium format RAW, JPEG and TIFF images while you shoot. Get instant feedback with the unique and easy-to-use rating and tagging feature that enables clients and colleagues in the studio or on remote locations to participate in the shoot and to provide instant feedback.

Anyone can now access Capture Pilot! You can either use your iOS device (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch) or launch the web-enabled Capture Pilot from within Capture One Pro 7 and access it via a web browser. Thereby you can avoid the 'monitor huddle' of multiple people. Also it could enable viewing of shooting sessions from remote locations, via the Internet.

Capture and Lighting Integration

Control your studio light from your camera
Capture One now makes it possible for you to link your Profoto studio light to the aperture or ISO settings of your Phase One 645DF+ or DSLR camera. You have the option to include one, multiple or all groups of lights in this linking. When shooting tethered via Capture One your studio light can automatically be adjusted when you make changes to the aperture or ISO settings of the camera. With this flexibility adjusting a scene’s lighting is simplified; it will enhance your workflow, save you time, and help you stay focused on photography.

Live View for tethered shooting
Capture One Pro 7 now offers Live View for selected DSLRs. The Live View feature can help speed up image composition, lighting, and focusing adjustments. This function makes it possible to easily view an image on a computer screen in real-time. Previously this feature was available for MF cameras only, but now Live View is also available for supported 35mm DSLRs.

Organize and select

Comprehensive digital asset management

Think of Capture One Pro 7 as your digital assistant that can help you take control of your workflow and digital asset management.

Capture One Pro 7 lets you organize your images with digital asset management technology derived from years of technical expertise. Easy-to-use tools help you to organize, compare and select your images. Stick with the workflow that works for you and Capture One Pro 7 will fill in the gaps.

A catalog is the primary method of file organization and viewing in Capture One Pro 7. A catalog contains all the information needed to find and display any images added to the catalog including metadata and even what visual adjustments. A catalog can store single image files, Projects, Smart Albums and Groups.

There are many ways to implement catalogs in your workflow, giving you the freedom of choice to create the image library that suits your needs. Only with Capture One Pro 7 can you switch easily between multiple catalogs without having to restart or re-launce the software, enabling you to save valuable time and take complete control of your image organization. You can create any number of catalogs to serve different storage purposes. Organize your image files in flexible collections and browse 1000's of images at unprecedented speed.

Further cutting edge features include offline images with adjustable previews, shared catalogs, full virtual organization, all-in-one catalogs and referenced files and tools for file management, catalogs as documents and more.

Virtual organization
With Capture One Pro 7 you get the freedom to choose your own workflow and organization. We have built-in a customizable structure that works for you to facilitate professional organization. Organize your images into albums, your albums into projects and your projects into groups. It is easy to drag and drop images between collections within different projects.

Offline browsing
If your images are no longer online with the current catalog, they can still be browsed and some image adjustments made. This is good if you keep your cataloged files on external drives or servers but would still like to browse 'offline'. There are no storage limitations for larger catalogs on smaller workstations i.e. laptops. It is also easy to locate image files within the library tool if storage is in more than one location.

Hi-speed caching
This enables the user to compare two images in full resolution with no load time. It is useful for rapid editing of images - particularly fashion / portrait / beauty and is very fast to compare and choose the final edits.

Should you prefer to operate with sessions, as known in previous versions of Capture One Pro, we support your photography workflow with even stronger Sessions than before.

Use sessions to organize all your work and any client projects. Sessions enable you to store all files as a complete project that includes raw files, setting files, library files and output files.

The workflow with sessions is faster and more intuitive than ever before as Sessions now work seamlessly with the new Filters tool.

Sessions are especially useful when you are shooting tethered. Simply create a tethered session, plug in the camera and capture images directly to Capture One Pro 7.

Library tool
The Library tool in Capture One Pro 7 gives access to the images within Albums, Smart Albums and Favorites and to any image collections stored in folders on a computer or networked resource. It is easy to browse through the image collections thanks to the hierarchical tree structure of the library. It is even possible to work on images in folders without importing them (e.g. on a server or hard disk) to free up memory on your computer.

The Library tool enables you to access files located on your local computer or on external drives and networks. The Library tool is a filtered file explorer that displays supported files.

Catalog Collections and User Collections 
Capture One Pro 7 introduces fixed albums in Catalogs. The last ten Imports and last ten Capture sessions are always available to view with only a single click. All images in the current catalog can also be viewed as well.

Smart albums
Album folders are virtual collections that offer an easy way to organize images from different folders, without having to create duplicate images in the same folder. Smart Albums are populated automatically by images that match the album’s criteria. Capture One Pro 7 comes with a selection of Smart Albums that are already set up in the library. You can also create your own Smart Albums.

Manual sorting
Drag and drop images into just the order you want, and keep that order for the given collection. You can control the flow of a slide show or control the layout of images for printing.

Focus Mask
Accelerate your image editing selection with the Focus Mask for fast verification of image sharpness and focus. The Focus Mask is applied to all images in the thumbnail browser so it becomes easy to identify the images that have the desired focus. The Focus Mask is perfectly suited for portrait, wedding and fashion shoots where, for example, the eyes of a model need to be in pin sharp. Additionally, the Focus mask can be active during tethered shooting to constantly monitor the sharp areas of focus.

Variants permit you to create virtual copies of your original image without taking up more than a few kilobytes of hard-drive space. Experiment with different settings or modify the work you have done on an image without risk.

Search and filtering
The new advanced search and filtering option in Capture One Pro 7 ensures that you can always find your images quickly and easily with specific criteria. Although your originals are offline, you can still browse, search and even adjust your images. Capture One Pro 7 supports you with infinite possibilities to organize, compare and select your images in a workflow that can be customized to suit your unique needs.

Search and filtering makes it easy to find, sort and organize images from a selected collection in a folder, session folders, album, or smart album. Resulting images are displayed as thumbnails in the image browser. A new advanced Filter tool is now available in the Library Tab through an intuitive and visual process. This allows professionals to keep cataloged files on external drives or servers while 'offline' browsing, integrated drag-and-drop tagging, advanced search and smart albums are still possible.

Metadata editing
Capture One Pro 7 offers powerful support for metadata that can streamline your workflow throughout the complete post-production process. The Metadata tool enables you to read, update, and modify valuable information at any point within the production process. You also get wide support for exchange of metadata between applications. 

Find your images quickly with a multitude of meta data criteria. Users get faster indexing and tagging; it is possible to simply drag and drop images onto keywords, star ratings and color tags.

Advanced file naming
Capture One Pro 7 provides a powerful renaming tool that enables you to create customized, token-based naming systems with ease. Choose your own combination of text and tokens to create your own naming system and apply it an individual photograph or a group of images. Save your naming selection as a preset for future use to ensure image-naming consistency.

Focus tool
Get an instant, true view of image sharpness with the Focus tool. Use it as part of your fixed tool tab or drag it out as a floating window tool.

Loupe tool
Capture One Pro 7’s Loupe tool is a powerful magnifier that allows you to zoom into an image from 25% to 400%. It can be used to quickly check focus or view close-up details of a selected image or any thumbnail in the image browser.

Enhance and adjust

The freedom to create

With its many powerful precision adjustment tools, Capture One Pro 7 will assist you in achieving the perfect look for every image.

Capture One Pro 7 comes with a comprehensive range of leading edge tools that let you adjust large numbers of images easily and efficiently, giving you the freedom to create your desired look for every capture.

Noise reduction
Capture One Pro 7 brings you vastly improved, out of the box, Noise Reduction - especially for higher ISO images. Every camera has its own noise profile, customized by our image quality experts, and color noise and luminance noise will be removed from any image by default.

Capture One Pro 7 noise reduction feature

On top of this, you get the power to fine-tune the noise reduction with two easy-to-use sliders. There is also a noise reduction advanced tool with two further adjustments. Use the ‘Details’ slider for the best compromise between details and noise. A low value gives smooth surfaces maintaining most edges. A larger value gives more details, but possible grain in higher ISO images. E.g. car paint can be made to appear smooth while preserving the edge sharpness in the rest of the image.

High Dynamic Range
With the improved HDR tool, you can bring out even more details in the shadows and highlights. This tool helps you to perfect high-contrast scenes by recovering blown out highlights and opening up dark shadows.

Capture One Pro 7 HDR feature

Bring out the detail in shadows and highlights and get even better contrast in the shadows. It is faster to get the desired result without having to use other tools and you can get maximum dynamic range from your images without always having to shoot multiple exposures.

The enhanced Clarity tool can improve hazy images by adjusting local contrast. The tool now allows negative clarity values, which helps smooth out local contrast in portrait images.

Capture One Pro 7 clarity feature

Now you also get a choice of controls: 'Punch' or 'Neutral'. Use a positive value with the neutral clarity method to preserve color, increase contrast and reduce haze. Use a positive value from the punch clarity method to increase contrast, reduce haze and boost color saturation.

Capture One Pro 7 offers a range of sharpening presets, formulated to provide a good starting point to sharpening images for numerous purposes. By default, the sharpening settings have been configured to produce a pleasing onscreen image and will provide an excellent basis for your own further sharpening adjustments.

Levels and Curves
The Levels and Curves tools enables you to easily adjust individual color channels and to be creative with colors. Curve adjustments can be applied to luminance, RGB or individual color channels. You can see the black, white and mid-tone points, as well as place custom points along the curve.

Capture One Pro 7 levels feature

Vignetting is perfect for those times when you deliberately wish to lighten or darken the edges of an image in order to put more attention the main motive. The vignette tool makes it easy to apply a vignette relative to any cropped image area.

Local Adjustments
Capture One Pro 7 comes with improved and even more powerful options for doing Local Adjustments. The non-destructive Local Adjustments let you edit selective parts of an image for unlimited creative control and results. You can handle the most common retouch jobs with a few strokes and control colors, exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, sharpening and moiré in targeted areas of your image.

The improvements include the possibility of applying Gradient Masks to even out the exposure throughout an image with a gradient filter (E.g. balance the exposure between land and sky on landscape shot) or use it for creative effect. The mask works with the raw data ensuring that there is no need to move to an additional application.

Working with Local Adjustments has never been easier or faster. Instead of painting the complete area of your mask, you can now use the Fill Mask to paint the border of the mask and choose Fill Mask to fill out the mask. There is also no need to zoom into 400% to get that mask correct anymore, The Auto Mask function finds the contours and paints only what you want.

With Capture One Pro 7, it is now possible to work with even more layers in the same image. You can use up to 10 layers to get that perfect creative look. Capture One Pro 7’s speed and operating improvements make the prospect of working with multiple layers even more attractive without sacrificing performance.

Black & White conversion
Convert your images to black & white with powerful sliders that let you precisely adjust the color channels and create split toning effects when you convert to grayscale.

Capture One Pro 7 black & white feature

Keystone correction
Reduce or eliminate perspective distortion with Capture One Pro 7. The powerful keystone correction tool can transform warped captures into natural looking images quickly and easily. This tool is particularly useful for correcting the verticals of a building that have been captured at a low angle.

Color editor
Apply subtle colors adjustments with the Color Editor. Colors can be altered in either a large area using the basic tool, or selected in a narrow color space with the Advanced Color Editor tool. The Local Adjustments feature enables you to perform powerful, selective color adjustments to specific parts of your image with the reassurance that image tones will appear natural, thanks to an inbuilt Smart Saturation function that works intuitively behind the scenes.

Skin Tone Enhancer
Achieve perfect, smooth and soft skin tones with the Skin Tone Color tool. Skin tone precision sliders make it easy to attain consistent and immaculate looking skin tones for portraiture and people photography. Also, as skin tones vary from country to country the same tool can be used to optimize the skin color to your preferred reproduction.

Styles and Presets
Apply creative styles and presets to your images and experience an easy way to be consistently creative with your raw files. A preset or saved style will ensure you get a reliable and predictable effect that can be applied to images in the future. Styles can be further adjusted after they have been applied and they can be combined and stacked.

Styles can be used to apply a set of unique colors or monotone or even imitate the effects and look of classical chemical film and processing methods.

Automatic lens corrections
The enhanced Lens Correction tool offers a more intuitive user experience. In Capture One Pro 7, your images are automatically adjusted for lens failings using bespoke profiles for popular medium format and DSLR lenses. Fix classic optical issues like distortion, light falloff and chromatic abberation quickly and easily.

Correcting for camera movements with tilt-shift lenses is now quick and straightforward with Capture One Pro 7. Simply enter the appropriate values into the data fields: Shift, focal length and aperture and the necessary corrections will be applied to the image.

Capture One Pro 7 lens corrections feature

New Lens Cast Correction workflow
Handling LCC profiles with Capture One Pro 7 is easier with the new specific LCC Tool. You can create LCC profiles for several images at once, and apply them to more images at a time. Images used for LCC profiles are now marked with an LCC tag.

Capture One Pro 7 LCC feature

Spot removal
Remove unwanted spots and marks instantly. Spot Removal is a fast and efficient way to remove imperfections in images. Dust spot removal can be used to eliminate spots from a group of images in a single click.

White balance
Capture One Pro 7 makes it simple to achieve your desired white balance setting. An image can be quickly corrected with a built-in auto white balance feature. Alternatively, use the white balance picker to select a neutral area of an image (or a grey or dark white area if possible) that will be used as a reference point to map all other colors. The skin tone white balance tool achieves exact skin tone colors without using a grey reference. 

Global auto adjustments
Global auto adjustments in Capture One Pro 7 corrects for the following aspects; exposure, saturation, contrast, white balance, High Dynamic Range, levels and rotation. Automated keystone adjustment is also available, but only to images captured with a Phase One IQ-series digital back.

Capture One Pro 7 image quality

Batch apply adjustments
The Adjustments Clipboard can copy settings from one image and apply them to a group of images. The clipboard enables you to apply either all adjustments to a selected group of images or only to apply a subset of the changes. The local copy and apply function makes it easy to copy and apply individual image tool adjustments to other images to save time. This function is completely integrated into the Adjustments Clipboard for a seamless experience and improved efficiency.

The composition tools enable users to control the layout of a photo. You can crop, rotate, flip an image horizontally or vertically and utilize the Overlay tool when capturing an image for a specific layout or design.

The Overlay tool provides advanced composition assistance for professionals. This function is often used to shoot an image that will match a specific layout. For example, an image could be captured for a magazine cover where space needs to be left for a masthead and headline copy. Simply drop an image file (with the magazine headlines and copy) into the Overlay function and alter the opacity, scale and placement as needed.

Export and print

Showcase your work

Showcase your creativity and images in their best light. Create a slideshow, produce a web gallery or output in elegant print layouts.

Process large numbers of images quickly and effectively into multiple formats for delivery to your client by using Process Recipes or use the new Export tool to quickly export images or whole collections.

Showcase you work in customized print layouts for specific prints sizes or as Contact sheets. Showcase your work in creative formats using customized print layouts (margins, rows, columns and image size), watermarks, annotations and color profiles.

The new Exporter in Capture One Pro 7 makes it easier to export your originals and variants and gives you the choice of new image formats. You get instant access to an export dialog to make exporting images in a single format more convenient than using process recipes. Just as easily as that you can showcase your creativity and present your work to clients.

Web Contact Sheet
Creating a web gallery is quick and easy. The Web Contact Sheet feature in Capture One Pro 7 now has a new selection of flexible templates for impressive web based images presentations.

Capture One Pro 7 Contact Sheet

Output images
Deliver image files to your clients and colleagues in whatever format, size, or resolution they ask for, while preserving the originals. You can process several formats at once and manage exactly what goes on using the batch queue. Use recipes to automate and produce consistent results.

Exporting files from Capture One Pro 7 will create a copy of the original file with all the specified applied settings. The raw file will remain untouched in its original folder location after the processed copy of it has been exported to a different folder.

Capture One Pro 7 also includes the following new output formats: JPEG200, JPEG XR, PNG, PSD. (Please Note: A PSD file will not include any layers).

Capture One Pro 7 Output formats

Slide show
Create a slide show and showcase your images in a single keystroke. This feature can integrate both still images and video files and it incorporates a selection of creative fades and transitions.

Capture One Pro 7 Slide Show

Showcase your work in creative formats using the customized print layouts in Capture One Pro 7. The new improved Print tool ensures a better control of image layout. Modify the margins, crop to match the aspect ratio of your paper, and add borders in custom widths and sizes. Take advantage of the color-managed print engine for reliable color rendition. Include watermarks and add metadata to prints.

Capture One Pro 7 Print

Create and save your own custom print templates. Always print your images to the same specification without having to go through a setup process every time. Capture One Pro 7 provides you with a wealth of printing options.

Enhanced Image Package
The Enhanced Image Package, EIP, is a convenient way of packing your master file and adjustments to facilitate easy communication of raw files between workstations. When the .EIP file is opened by Capture One Pro 7 on any workstation the image file will match between them”. Therefore a raw file can be shared with settings and adjustments intact.

Soft proofing and CMYK support
Capture One Pro 7 makes it possible to output to any RGB and CMYK color space. With a selection of the most common CMYK color spaces you are able to ensure the quality of the image by performing the conversion yourself and not leaving it to post production.


A quantum leap in productivity

Capture One Pro 7 enables photographers to reduce the time and effort required to create stunning out of the box images.

Capture One Pro 7 never restricts or confines you to a set workflow. Think of it as your digital assistant, allowing you to focus on shooting. With its image quality, reliability and speed, it gives you peace of mind and provides you with an array of powerful tools that can facilitate a quantum leap in productivity.

Workspaces, Tools and Tool Tabs
Capture One Pro 7 has a completely customizable interface that allows the addition and placement of tools in your personal workspace. Customize your Workspace, Tools and Tool Tabs to make your personal workflow more efficient and switch between different workspaces for specific tasks to make the job easier.

Capture One Pro 7 Custom Interface

Included in Capture One Pro 7 is a selection of best practice default workspaces including simplified workspaces with less clutter optimized for an efficient workflow. Photographers who want to stick with a known workspace, can choose one of the default workspaces from previous versions of Capture One Pro 4, 5 and 6.

Accelerated editing & processing
Get your work done fast with high performance raw, JPEG and TIFF image file editing and processing through cross-platform 64-bit support, which takes full advantage of the advanced memory handling capabilities of the latest Mac and Windows operating systems - faster performance, which does not compromise image quality.

Other Capture One Pro 7 performance improvements include faster file system operations such as copying, renaming and moving which is now faster than in previous versions of Capture One. High speed browsing is also improved and thumbnails are now rendered faster just as users will notice that switching back and forth between two images is also noticeably quicker.

Fast processing with OpenCL
Tap into the vast computing power in your graphics processor and CPU and use it to accelerate your editing tasks. The new OpenCL support will let you experience incredible interactive editing speed.

Optimized for new Mac retina displays
Capture One Pro 7 is optimized for the latest technological development and supports the high resolution retina displays found on new Macbooks.

Full screen
Take advantage of your display to get a big, unobstructed full-screen view of your work. Make adjustments and compare them side-by-side.

Browser filmstrip
Capture One Pro 7 allows you to work with images in filmstrip view. You can use filmstrip view in combination with the viewer to quickly scroll from image to image, making changes and comparing images.

Save ICC profile as default
Capture One Pro 7 allows users to create custom ICC settings that are used as default for specific cameras.

Once you have created your preferred 'look' or calibration of a camera you can save the settings as a default ICC profile. When plugging in your camera, Capture One automatically recognized the default ICC profile which means that you no longer have to remember changing the ICC profile when you change the camera.

Capture One Pro 7 Multimonitor

Multi-monitor support
Support for multiple monitors enables you to configure your workspace to manage image workflow and presentation more efficiently.


Capture One Pro 7 is the professional choice
in imaging software


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Capture One Pro 7
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