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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1236
    Summary Mamiya-Leaf Back Serial Numbers
    Problem Identify a Mamiya-Leaf Back's mount from it's serial number

    Solution Credo - the second letter will denote which type of mount is on a particular back.

    Credo 80:
    LN xxxxxx - Mamiya
    LJ xxxxxx - Universal
    LK xxxxxx - H1/2
    LM xxxxxx - Contax
    LQ xxxxxx - AFi

    Credo 60:
    LH xxxxxx - Mamiya
    LE xxxxxx - Universal
    LF xxxxxx - H1/2
    LG xxxxxx - Contax
    LP xxxxxx - AFi

    Credo 50:
    LU xxxxxx - Mamiya
    LR xxxxxx - Universal
    LS xxxxxx - H1/2
    LT xxxxxx - Contax

    Credo 40:
    LD xxxxxx - Mamiya
    LA xxxxxx - Universal
    LC xxxxxx - H1/2
    LB xxxxxx - Contax
    LO xxxxxx - AFi

    Aptus II - the first number following LI (leaf imaging) will denote which type of mount is on a particular back.
    LI2xxxxx - Universal
    LI3xxxxx - Mamiya
    LI4xxxxx - H1/2
    LI5xxxxx - Contax
    LI6xxxxx - Afi

    Units produced by Kodak starts with prefix LF or NR however serial number does not indicate what camera platform it fits.

    Last updated December 1, 2014

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