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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1884
    Summary Cannot Edit Phase One Profile
    If the only option is to choose "logout". Then the profile that was originally created did not have a first and last name associated with it.
    Alternatively you may see the name listed as NN NN. This stands as a place holder for "No Name, No Name" which is added as a default for required fields left empty.

    1. Click to the left of the "Newsletter" option, as illustrated in the image below. When you click to the left of the Newletter, on the blank space, you will be able to edit the User Account (proceed to the next step). In order to activate Capture One the profile must have a first name, last name and country associated.

    2. Click on My Account from the expanded menu;

    3. Choose My Profile;

    4. Choose Edit Profile;

    5. Add first name, last name, and country. Save all these changes choose Done.

    Last updated August 7, 2013

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