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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 2200
    Summary Using the IQ Splash Screen Feature
    Problem I would like to personalize my IQ unit, is this possible.
    Solution With the release of Firmware 2.0 you are able to add a personalized Splash Screen to the Digital Back.

    To do this simply follow the specifics below;

  • Create a 800px by 480px document in Photoshop or another document editing software using the sRGB color space.
  • Customize as you see fit with your company logo, favorite photo or contact info.
  • Save the image as a BMP file in the 24bit color depth. A .tif file can also be used, but note .tiff (2 f's) is not supported. BMP is generally easiest.
  • Name the resulting BMP "Splash.bmp"

    With the file now in hand simply load it onto a CF card and insert the CF card into the IQ back.

    You can now go to the IQ backs menu under, Menu>Display>Splash Screen and load the bmp file.

  • Last updated June 6, 2013

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