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    Have you ever hesitated purchasing a product because you are worried that a new one will be introduced soon and make the product you are purchasing obsolete?

    With the unique Phase One Investment Protection program you can always have the latest and greatest. You can buy today, be productive and profitable - and know that your investment is protected in the event a newer product is introduced in the future. The program offers an unparalleled assurance that when you purchase products from Phase One you can do so with the confidence that your investment is protected.

    Where else can you find a program like this? Combine this with the best-in-the-industry cameras, digital backs, lenses and software and you will understand why more and more photographers choose Phase One.

    The program is simple

    • Phase One / Schneider Kreuznach lens purchase is protected for 50% of original purchase price for 12 months*
    • Phase One camera body purchase is protected for 50% of original purchase price for 12 months*
    • Phase One digital back purchase is protected for 90% of original purchase price for 12 months*

    Investment Protection Program


    A photographer buys an existing IQ digital back at 20,000. Within 12 months of the date he makes the purchase, Phase One announces a new generation digital back priced at 24,000.

    To upgrade, the photographer only has to pay 24,000 less 90% of his original purchase price:

    Original purchase price = 20,000
    90% of original purchase price = 18,000

    Upgrade price 24,000 – 18,000 = 6,000

    The photographer must order the upgrade within 6 months of the date of the new digital back announcement by Phase One.

    At Phase One we are proud to offer this unique program to our customers. Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality products for the world's best photographers. We believe in delivering the finest image quality possible, backed up with superior world class support and customer loyalty programs.

    * Note:
    New purchases must be made within 6 months of the official new product announcement to qualify. Original product purchase price is used to determine the new price and the original invoice will be used. The original product must be purchased new from an authorized Phase One partner. The iXA camera systems are not covered by the Phase One Investment Protection Program.

    For more information:

    See Investment Protection FAQ

    Contact your local Phase One partner

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