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  • http://www.phaseone.com/de-DE/Imaging-Software/Capture-One-Pro-7/Testimonials/Patrick-Ross-landscape-testimonial.aspx
Patrick Ross
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Patrick Ross - Invest in Success

Patrick Ross had his first professional photo shoot the day after he graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography. He credits his education there for helping him develop his craft to a very high level and prepared him well for the “real” work world

“I tried to integrate 35mm digital into the mix, but the quality was just not there, and I was unable to settle for less than the best I could get.”

Five years ago, he purchased a Phase One P45+ digital back to use on his technical cameras. He was still in his twenties.

“Making that investment was one of the most significant career jumps I’ve ever made. The move to Phase One has separated me from the pack in my region. My work instantly got better and I literally doubled my day rate, because I was producing a better quality product -- plus, the presence of such a sophisticated piece of equipment on the shoot is always impressive for the client.

“I began using Capture One when I purchased my first Phase One back. It was literally because I was using that back on a technical camera that I was "forced" into using Capture One Pro as my processing software. It would be a similar comparison to being "forced" to drive a Porsche after years of driving a domestic sedan. It was quite welcomed indeed.

“As a photographer, I need to focus on my work and let the software engineers focus on creating the best program to deliver my vision created out in the field. Capture One Pro has done that for me since I began using it.

Patrick shoots both architectural and landscape photography. The architectural work is varied, and he is fortunate to work with a number of the worlds top architecture firms. The landscape photography is more personally driven, but no less commercially successful -- he sells many prints through many venues and licenses commercial usages to some of the premier worldwide vendors and conservation groups.

“I’ve used Capture One Pro* since version 4, and from the start I’ve found the software to be very easy to use, very intuitive. Recent changes in Capture One Pro 7 have made it so much better -- The fact that you can work in layers, for example, is ground-breaking for a raw conversion program -- really progressive.

“There are many features of Capture One Pro 7 that are key to my workflow today; although I have to say that I’m already so much farther ahead since I’m shooting with a Phase One back. There is such rich detail and incredible clarity; the software is like icing on the cake.

These are the features that for me are key to my landscape work:

-- The color temperature tool: I love using the eye dropper tool to neutralize color in scenes where higher levels of neutral density filters are used. These filters can often be warm and red which is unappealing to me. I often shoot a frame with a gray card in it, then neutralize in Capture One Pro 7. You also have the option to set a custom color balance on the back also;

-- The clarity and structure tool are really nice ways to add extra pop to your images with next to no effort on your part. These help remove haze from scenes and can help to minimize some of the lens "haze" from DSLR lenses, from which most medium format lens do not suffer;

-- And the HDR tool can be used to greatly expand and bring out the enormous amount of information your camera has caught. It is astounding how much detail can go un- utilized especially if you are shooting a Phase One back which has such an amazing dynamic range.

“Recently I revisited my previous processing program to have a look, and it seemed very rudimentary and not aesthetically pleasing. After having used Capture One for a few years, that ‘old’ program felt like it rated a 3 out of 10 on a professional imaging tool scale. Capture One Pro 7 is intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, customizable and simply pushes out superb files.”

Patrick Ross is an experienced landscape and architectural photographer. Find more of Patrick's work at patrickrossphotography.com
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