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Nocturnal Events

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Anti Wendel teamed up with AMG to create a fashion campaign with MUUSE. MUUSE is an international fashion label that produces collections with some of the best design talents around the world, to bring visionary fashion to your wardrobe. The working title of the project, “Nocturnal Events”, aimed to collaborate with these young, creative, and inspiring designers.  Working with the designers from MUUSE, Anti was able to work with designers passionate about new, beautiful and unconventional avant-garde fashion. The final campaign was featured in the renowned fashion magazine DANSK. DANSK is known for its pioneering portrayal of fashion and luxury in an intelligent, edgy way, addressing the sophisticated international frontrunners of fashion and always with a Nordic panache. 

Anti on the project title “Nocturnal Events”:
“We think that these (MUUSE) are the young talented designers that are going to lead fashion in the future. Now they are exploring their dreams, and we have the opportunity to portrait it. We view the clothes as art pieces, and therefore, the images should be photographic fashion art. We would like to produce a beautiful monumental, anemic, nocturnal, fragile, dark, and monochrome photographic story.”

We got to know Anti better:

Where did it all start and how did you end up as a photographer?

It all started in Sweden where I grew up. From my early years photography had a big place in my heart. Growing up I used to scan magazines, my parents photo albums, images on the streets, and make the images become my reality escape. Then after my first meeting with Helmut Newtons legendary work, it etched into my mind forever and I knew I wanted to make photography part of my life.

I started my photographic career in New York in the 90s where I assisted photographers such as Albert Watson, while I tried to break through on my own. Since then I have been based in London, Paris, and Stockholm.

Are you acting on your artistic impulse or are you inspired by the work of others?

I always try to find my own ways, and rely on my instincts. However, as all photographers know, it's impossible not to be inspired by great images. So in the end its a mix of internal and external inspiration, mainly coming from music. But also from great work of others, as mentioned, Helmut Newton will always be a great source of inspiration for me.

Could you tell us about the setup behind the images?

We were aiming for a very sculptural, monumental look with shadows like the work you often see in antique oil paintings. We wanted it to be simple and minimalistic all the way through. So simple, in fact, we only used one light source to create the shadows. I shot with the Phase One 645DF+ and an IQ180, which made it possible to capture the minimalistic, avant-garde and anemic look we were aiming for.

What was MUUSE and DANSK's reactions to the final results?

We have only received positive feedback from everyone who has seen the images. It has been overwhelming, a real success.

What do you hope to achieve through your work as a photographer?

To change the world, of course, haha...

I have a vision and a strong artistic instinct that I try to share with my images. I hope my images can be a source of inspiration to others, in different ways, and if I am really lucky I will one day inspire someone the way Helmut Newton inspired me to become a photographer.

Photographer Anti Wendel

Camera: Phase One 645DF+
Digital back: IQ180

Download story (PDF)

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Anti Wendel
Anti Wendel
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"We view the clothes as art pieces, and therefore, the images should be photographic fashion art."
A. Wendel
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