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Can invertebrates sell shoes?

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German fashion and advertising photographer Sebastian Damberger puts this question to the test as he shot a shoe campaign for LOOXX magazine. We asked Sebastian about the techniques and challenges he faced in the creation of the images.

How long did the setup take and what were your thoughts behind the images?

From a creative perspective, we were so fortunate that we didn't have any layout or style-guide to follow. So we decided to give a chance to the old technique of light painting and figured out a modern interpretation for that look.

All in all we worked a couple of days to find a workflow between photography and post-production that would give us a unique look and reproducible result for our shot.

The shooting itself took us about two days of shooting and two days of post-production.

What challenges did working with insects during the shoot bring?

The insects were prepared by a taxidermist – so the challenge was to find somebody who was able to do the job from our point of view. So first the stylist worked out the best position for the shoes and afterwards we needed the insects in the right position and motion.

What was the reaction from the client when presented with the final image?

The client reaction was totally positive. Our client – the editorial team – was very pleased with the details and the three-dimensionality of the shots.

What equipment did you use and what qualities do you think it brought to your work?

We used a Phase One camera with a P45 back. The back worked out perfect for this job because of its simplicity in long-term exposures and the files were absolutely perfect in details and gave exactly the impression of light and color that we expected. So we made light-painting in a special new look which impressed our client very much. Furthermore we had great help from the intuitive workflow of the software that gave us great results very quickly.

Photographer Sebastian Damberger

Styling: Valerie Kohlmetz
Postproduction: Fritz Straube

Download story (PDF)

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S. Damberger
"we made light-painting in a special new look which impressed our client very much"
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