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Breathtaking captures of Shark Bay

Tony Hewitt has won the 2013 Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year with four amazing aerials taken over Shark Bay, Western Australia using Phase One equipment. The high colour reproductions were considered brave entries for the professional awards, but it paid off!

The win also caps off success in his local Western Australian state where he won the 2013 WA Professional Landscape Photographer of the Year, and over in New Zealand a similar portfolio won the 2013 NZIPP Overseas Photographer of the Year.

Tony has been using Phase One equipment for just under a year and is effusive in his praise for the file quality. “There’s nothing I have seen that matches the sheer image quality I am achieving with the Phase One IQ180”, he stated. “And the ability to pull detail out of the shadows and enlarge the images to outrageous sizes for exhibition is breathtaking.”

Living in Perth, Western Australia, Tony works across a wide range of genres, from family portraiture on the white sandy beaches to corporate and advertising work in local industry. However, his real passion is for the landscape and contemporary art photography.

Tony was shooting an art project with the Ninety Degrees Five (ND5) collaborative in Shark Bay, a remote World Heritage area. Comprising Les Walkling, Peter Eastway, Christian and Michael Fletcher, the ND5 group has worked together on several projects ranging from the Pilbara and South West Australia to Lord Howe Island off the east coast:

At the core of the collaborative is a mission to produce large exhibition prints, accompanied by a series of video presentations (the latter produced by Michael Fletcher).

The group spent a week in Shark Bay, along with a pilot and a light plane they use for remote locations. Aviation fuel is towed several thousand kilometres by road to the local airfields, but apart from this, the biggest problem is keeping the kangaroos off the airstrip before the landings.

Shark Bay is incredibly flat with the highest points being the sand dunes dotted around the coast. However, from the air, a mosaic of shapes and patterns is revealed and, by instructing the pilot where to position the aircraft, Tony was able to isolate and capture some dynamic abstracts. And although most of Shark Bay is a national park, there are sections where the hand of man remains visible, such as the salt ponds at Useless Loop.

Tony used a Phase One 645DF+, with the IQ180 Back and a 80mm Schneider-Kreuznach lens. The raw files were processed in Capture One and then Photoshop. “I love the way Capture One handles colour and a lot of the brilliance in my colours came from processing the file first in Capture One.”

Photographer Tony Hewitt

Camera: Phase One 645DF+
Digital back: IQ180

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Landscape photographer Tony Hewitt with Phase One
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"There’s nothing I have seen that matches the sheer image quality I am achieving with the Phase One IQ180"
T. Hewitt
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