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Jim Jordan
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Jim Jordan
A pursuit of beauty

Against a cobalt sky, a stretch of pure white sand... and a stunning, diamond bejeweled model in a flowing white dress runs along the pristine sand dunes with a big white husky dog. And alongside her runs a photographer shooting with a Phase One camera system, chasing this vision.

Welcome to the world of Jim Jordan, and the ultimate pursuit of beauty!
“Don’t believe anyone who says medium format cameras are only for controlled studio environments. Sure, it’s challenging to get the right focus when you’re shooting and moving at the same time, but it’s all about taking the chance, capturing the perfect image.”

And once you’ve got the shot? Once you’ve captured that vision? Then?

We spoke with Jim and his Post Production Manager Lance Havelka recently about the role of Capture One Pro 7 in the capture and post production process.

“From the beginning of my career, I have focused on developing trusting relationships with my subjects. And on delivering a consistent focus and high impact for the images - it’s always been about serving up the finest image quality possible for a diverse group of clients with lots of different needs.

“Coming from the world of film, I was first blown away by the Phase One P45+ back; that particular back provided the type of image quality that in my opinion you couldn’t get even from medium format film - greater color accuracy, dynamic range, and detail. It inspired me.

“As far as imaging software goes, for me, it’s a question of reliability. I trust Capture One Pro.”

What’s your favorite thing about Capture One Pro?
“There are so many things . . .

“Whether I’m shooting with a Phase One or Canon system, Capture One Pro’s support for tethered shooting is essential. It means that the art director who’s on site has instant feedback to how the shoot is going. And it’s straightforward and easy to use.

“The image quality and detail you can get with Capture One Pro is so incredible -- and the noise reduction in version 7 is truly outstanding."

"It lets me shoot at ISO settings that were unheard of even as recently as a year ago, especially when used to process files from the Canon 1DX camera. I am stunned at how clean and detailed the images can be, even when shooting at ISO 3200. I can print poster-sized images that look amazing!

“You hear lots of claims about Capture One Pro handing skin tones the best; in my opinion it is still state of the art. Even with so much competition in the market, it is living up to its reputation for greater color accuracy across the board. For me it’s essential because the vast majority of the time it’s people we’re shooting. Capture One’s ability to render very lifelike and accurate skin tones is critical.

“Of course it also depends on the image file -- not every camera is going to record the same scene in the same way. For example, the Phase One IQ backs have taken color to a whole new level because of the sensor. If you take that sensor output plus the software . . . I would say that it’s the industry standard for color accuracy and detail.

“With multiple people color balancing different shoots, I need to retain a similar style for all of them -- I need to have consistency to achieve the overall aesthetic I envisioned. Capture One allows me to set that aesthetic with Styles -- so we can get consistent toning, brightness, contrast, and dynamic range for all of my images.

“Capture One Pro 7 creates a faster post production workflow. My graphics teams love the ability to customize the interface at each workstation. If you were to walk around in either of my studios you’d see slight variations on each monitor. Both teams find that the layout of various image adjustments is more intuitive and it allows for faster batch application of those adjustments. Plus the ability to create custom process recipes to generate different file types and sizes to meet different output demands really streamlines my post production process.

“Bottom line, Capture One Pro 7 handles the processing faster. You can run different recipes in parallel (also you can quickly select output folders and output files where you want them) instead of only being able to open one file at a time, then reopen and run another batch, etc. It’s very responsive and effective for meeting a variety of client demands. For example, you can set it up to send quick proofs with another to generate smaller jpegs for a web gallery and at the same time you can process high resolution TIFFs to send a client who might be handling the retouching themselves. The whole process is faster than with a program like Adobe Lightroom.

“My digital techs use sessions in Capture One Pro 7 and I still prefer to edit and archive all of my shoots using Media Pro. I find the labeling feature easy and intuitive, plus the program is very customizable in general. The ability to add catalog sets along with keywords makes organization so much easier and effective. We can share Media Pro catalogs over a sever (via FTP) which permits the staff to handle color correction, retouching, editing and archiving, galleries and stock galleries from multiple work stations.

"Finally, one of the things we appreciate is how Phase One keeps the program updated and compatible with new cameras. Recently we were preparing for a shoot with a new camera we’d just received (Canon 5D Mark III) and I noticed that it wouldn’t allow me to shoot tethered to the location computer. I checked the software, downloaded the latest update, and it worked perfectly. That kind of support is priceless."

Interview with Jim Jordan, photographer and Lance Havelka, post production manager.

Jim Jordan is known for his fashion advertising, celebrity and lifestyle photography. Based in New York and Los Angeles, Jim shoots for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, J Crew, Levi’s; his celebrity shoots have included Charlize Theron, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jessica Alba, Drew Berrymore, Mila Kunis among many.

See more of his work at

Jim Jordan
Jim Jordan
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