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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1227
    Summary How To Activate Capture One
    Problem I just purchased Capture One, what do I do now and how do I activate Capture One on my computer.

    Capture One can be activated and used in 3 modes:
    1) Capture One/Express - Basic version for DSLR and digital back RAW file support
    2) Capture One in DB mode - Full version for digital backs only
    3) Capture One in PRO mode - The same as Capture One DB but full version for DSLR support/tethering/lens tools etc...

    For back owners it's free of charge to use Capture One in DB mode - no license needed - see the screendump, activate and enjoy.

    Solution See this video example as well as the run through below.

    Your computer must be connected to the Internet to Activate the Software.

    You have installed the latest version of Capture One from your install discs or you've downloaded the latest version from our website and installed the software. Now you must activate the software.

    Upon launching of Capture One you will be greated with an Activation dialouge box.
    (on a PC the dialouge box will look slightly different but the steps are the same)

    Please select Activate > New License Code.

    You will then need to put your information into a new dialouge box:

    Enter your 16 character Product Key you received with your purchase of Capture One. It will automatically determine whether your key is a PRO or Non PRO key.

    Then enter the email address and profile information that you want this key to be registered under. You can use your existing Phase One Profile or create a new one.
    [Pleae note: If you are a studio, use a generic studio email address so that you will not lose your key.]

    Hit Activate and you're ready to start using Capture One.

    If you are trying to switch from your 30 day free trial to an activated version:
    On a Mac : simply go to Capture One > License and Activate
    On PC: Help > License Information and Activate

    Last updated july 23, 2014

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