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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1399
    Summary Capture One on multiple computers
    Problem How many times can I activate Capture One? Can I now install it at home or on a laptop, or do I have to buy additional copies? Can I activate Capture One on my Mac and Win computers?

    Solution License Policy
    The Capture One License Policy is as follows: 1 License = 1 User Meaning that only one user can use the Capture One Product Key to activate Capture One.

    In order to allow you to use Capture One on multiple machines, if required by your workflow (such as the desktop and portable computer), every user is eligible to activate the software on up to two machines, therefore: 1 License = 1 User = 2 Computers Activated

    Questions about activations
    As of Capture One ver. 3.7 (May 2005), Phase One's License Policy and Activations are stringently enforced and monitored.

    A User is always entitled to their 2 activations, and allowances are made for new and rebuilt machines. All decisions are made on a case by case basis by Support
    For activation assistance, please create a Support Case. Please understand that this process is necessary for us to prevent misuse of product keys and at the same time protects you from the possibility of unauthorized usage of your legally purchased key in case of theft or displacement.

    The request should contain the following pieces of information.

    1. Explanation of what you are trying to do

    2. The Capture One Product Key

    3. E-mail address used to activate Capture One (should be the same as your Phase One Profile e-mail address)

    Cross-Platform Usage
    Capture One LE for Mac can only be used on Macintosh computers.
    Capture One LE for Windows can only be used on Windows computers.
    If you want to have cross-platform product keys please purchase the LE upgrade to Capture One Express from the Phase One E-shop.

    Capture One Pro and Capture One DB offer cross-platform product keys and so does Capture One Express

    Please remember...
    The Licence Agreement you have accepted, means that you are the sole user, and no other party is intended to use the application.
    For large studios, a Multi-User Site License is available. Click here to acess the E-shop.

    Last updated January 16, 2012
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    This article applies to the following categories

    Capture One 3.x

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    Where is my Capture One Product Key?

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