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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1345
    Summary Free Upgrades Explained
    Problem I see in my Phase One Account, License Management, that I have 2 free upgrades. However when I try to activate the latest Version of Capture One I am told my key is not Valid, no more upgrades remaining. How is this possible?
    Solution Within your License Management tool you will see several details about your Product Key.
    -The Key itself
    -The Original Version the Key is Valid for.
    -Who the Key is Registered to
    -Free Upgrades

    The "Free Upgrades Left" field is a point of confusion with many users. The field is 100% correct but is based off of the "Valid For" field. As such, the current version that you have running on your machine is of little consequence when looking at the "License Management" page.
    In the example below you will see that the Key is for Capture One Version 3. The "Free Upgrades Left" therefore denotes that this key is valid for 2 consecutive versions of Capture One beyond the "Valid For" version. In this particular case that would include Capture One Version 4 and Capture One Version 5.

    A simple rule of thumb is to just add your "Free Upgrades Left" amount to your "Valid For" version. For example, if my key is "Valid For" Capture One Version 1 and I have 3 "Free Upgrades Left" my key is valid to activate up to, but not beyond, Capture One Version 4 (Version 1 + 3 = Version 4).

    This feild in your "License Management" tool does not change. As such your Upgrades are not "used", by not upgrading you are not "saving" the ability to upgrade later. For example, if you own a Product Key for Capture One 3 with 1 free upgrades and chose not to activate Capture One 4 you are doing yourself a disservice as the upgrade cannot then be carried over to activate Capture One 5 simply because you did not make the change to Capture One 4 when it was released. These upgrades are either taken advantage of or lost.

    Last updated June 20, 2014

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