• http://www.phaseone.com/ja-JP/Camera-Systems/IQ-Series/IQ-In-action.aspx
  • http://www.phaseone.com/ja-JP/Camera-Systems/IQ-Series/IQ-In-action.aspx
  • Introducing LAND SCAPE by David LaChapelle (part 1/2)

    Watch David LaChapelle in action!

    We go behind the scenes on the production of "Refineries", the second part of David LaChapelle's project, titled "LAND SCAPE." In video 1/2 we visit David's studio and see his still life oil refinery models being constructed and then photographed on location.

    "My goal is to get people's attention! It's very difficult to get people's attention long enough to look at an image and then understand what it means." David LaChapelle

  • Introducing LAND SCAPE by David LaChapelle (part 2/2)

    Watch David LaChapelle in action!

    We go behind the scenes on the production of "Refineries", the second part of David LaChapelle's project, titled "LAND SCAPE." Join David LaChapelle in a dried out lakebed in this second, concluding and exclusive behind the scenes video and discover how he brings these refineries to life.

  • LUX ET FILUM | Monica Silva

    LUX ET FILUM (Latin for Light And Canvas), is Monica Silva's interpretation of Caravaggio's paintings. It is not only inspired by his most famous works but reinvents them, by placing them at the center of a simple question: How would these same paintings be portrayed today?

  • FRAMED by Herring&Herring

    Herring&Herring embodies the collaboration of renowned international fashion photographers Dimitri Scheblanov & Jesper Carlsen. They share the workload of directing and shooting photos for a range of international clients and publish their own image-only magazine. Their second issue, named FRAMED, celebrates artists.

  • "私の世界へようこそ!" A. モーバッハ


    美しさやグラマラスであることより、むしろ私の作品から私自身を感じて欲しいのです。おそらくそれは明確なものもあればかなり極端なものもあります。.....いずれも、私がクールだと感じるものがとても個性的であり、また私が自分自身を作品として披露したいと思う気持ちからなのです。" A. モーバッハ

  • ティム・ケンプルが最果ての地で撮影に挑む



    "We were constantly battling the elements: bugs, rain, and slippery cliff edges. The most difficult part though was trying to be creative, and look at the angles with a fresh perspective... all while trying not to slip and fall, while its raining and you are getting eaten alive by bugs. Creativity under extreme circumstances I guess you'd call it!"

  • ベニー・チャンの建築写真

    ロサンジェルスを拠点に活躍する建築写真専門フォトグラファー、ベニー・チャンが語る彼のワークフローについてご覧くださいベニーはPhase One IQ180デジタルバックの8000万画素センサーを生かし最高のイメージを再現します。


  • Jeff Ludes shooting for Ford

    Watch automotive photographer Jeff Ludes in action, as he shoot magnificent print adds for the new Ford Fusion. Working under the Ford brand concept, "go further", Jeff Ludes and his team worked towards creating art, not just an add.

    Watch how he use the skills of Chinese street artist Liu Bolin and the image quality of the IQ160 and IQ180.

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