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    Freezing cold does not scare off Chris Burkard, quite the opposite. He was joined by a team of surfers last time he went to Iceland for ice-cold captures.

    Chris is a self-taught photographer and artist, based in Central Coast California. With the ocean as his muse, Chris has positioned himself as one of the best surf and outdoor photographers.

  • Key Bridge Dance | Jeffery Salter

    Jeffery Salter is known for his exceptional editorial and portrait photography. But to him, it is just as important to make time for his personal projects. Inspired by his passion for architecture and photographing people, Jeffery is working on a beautiful Fine-Art project called Key Bridge Dance. We went to the Florida Keys with Jeffery to capture images of two dancers.

    With many years of experience, Jeffery shares his ideas, thoughts and the technical setups behind a number of his photographs, captured throughout the day, from sun-rise to dusk and to moon-light.

  • Extreme Alpine Photography calls for Extreme  Dynamic Range

    Alpine photographer Kamil Tamiola has made quite a name for himself photographing landscapes and people in hostile high-altitude environments. We followed Kamil to the Guild of the Guides of Courmayeur, in the heart of Mont Blanc Massif to capture two mountaineering specialists.

    With a clear blue sky, snow covered mountain peaks, a powerful southern wind and icy particles drifting around, it was no easy task that Kamil and his team had set for themselves.

  • Capturing iconic personalities in a new light

    Jason Bell is recognized internationally for his exceptional talent and not least his title as official photographer at Prince George's 2013 christening.

    Jason shares how he manages to capture well known personalities in a new light, the story behind his most challenging shoot (includes a floating ice berg) and his best advice for aspiring photographers.

  • アルバート・ワトソン - きわどい景観フォトグラフィー


  • マジカルな景観フォトグラフィー、アルバート・ワトソン (2/2)



  • 一生に一度の撮影 − Ford GT40を撮る

    リチャード・トンプソンは彼のキャリアの中で信じられないほどの数の車の撮影をしてきましたが、彼の最新の撮影はとても貴重なものでした。希少価値のあるフォードGT40レーシングカーの撮影、リチャードはその現場を砂漠という信じられないロケーションを指定、またとない貴重な撮影に新しいLS40-80mm LS f/4.0-5.6レンズで挑むことになりました。

  • アルバート・ワトソンの経歴と象徴的な作品


  • ティム・ケンプルとIQ250との出会い

    アクション・スポーツフォトグラファー、ティム・ケンプルがPhase One IQ250を初めて手にしフォトグラファーとして最も劇的な一日についてご覧ください。


  • ウェディングフォトグラファー、ダン・オーデイの忘れられない出来事



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ストリートファッションとアートフォトグラファー、キース・モスはBeehiveのクリエィティブディレクターのアンドレア・フリーマンにカタログ用の写真撮影を依頼されました。 撮影の舞台裏をご覧ください。


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