• http://www.phaseone.com/ja-JP/Camera-Systems/Leaf-Shutter-Lenses/LS-In-action.aspx
  • http://www.phaseone.com/ja-JP/Camera-Systems/Leaf-Shutter-Lenses/LS-In-action.aspx
  • Fashion photography with Adrian Weinbrecht

    Go behind the scenes with photographer Adrian Weinbrecht on a photo shoot for Hideout Leather.

    "With the Hideout Leather shoot, the final images to be used at the motorcycle show were used at 2.4 meters high printed at 300 DPI. That was a very high quality printing process and when you go right up close to the images look absolutely amazing...

    We shot on an IQ180 back and the files were rezzed up at 230 %. We were pulling those files really big and this is something I just don't think you can achieve with a DSLR."

  • Frederico Cedrone

    Italian interior photographer Frederico Cedrone recently put the new 28mm LS lens from Schneider Kreuznach to the test, and it didn't let him down.

  • 最高速シャッタースピード1/1600秒


    フェデリコが最高速シャッタースピード1/1600秒だから撮れるユニークなイメージに関して説明します。Phase Oneカメラシステムとリーフシャッターレンズの組み合わせはとてもユニークです。


  • ティム・ケンプルが最果ての地で撮影に挑む



    "We were constantly battling the elements: bugs, rain, and slippery cliff edges. The most difficult part though was trying to be creative, and look at the angles with a fresh perspective... all while trying not to slip and fall, while its raining and you are getting eaten alive by bugs. Creativity under extreme circumstances I guess you'd call it!"

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