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  • http://www.phaseone.com/ja-JP/Imaging-Software/Capture-One-Pro-7/Testimonials.aspx
Andrew Walmsley

Andrew Walmsley
Conservation & Capture One

Wildlife photographer Andrew Walmsley is a recent convert who choose Capture One for the outstanding RAW processing and ability to balance the gren colors in his work.

Vincent Dixon

Commercial photographer Vincent Dixon documented the “If only for a second” project in which 20 patients diagnosed with cancer were invited to take part in the adventure of a makeover.

Brian Rolfe

Brian Rolfe
Natural Beauty through Capture One

Succesful photographer Brian Rolfe uses Capture One Pro 7 to save time and create his signature look of natural effortless beauty.

Cameron Davidson

Capture Oneで見下ろす絶景

カメロン・ダビットソンは個性的な視点で航空撮影をするフォトグラファー、Capture Oneの愛用者でもありバージョン2.7の頃からずっと愛用しています。

© Alberto G. Puras

Alberto G. Puras
A love letter to Capture One

Alberto Puras' has a portfolio that spans advertising, fashion portrait, food, still life, indoor, outdoor and industrial. A while ago, Alberto send us this love letter to Capture One Pro 7.

Todd Antony

Todd Antony A reliable choice, Period.

Just back from Abu Dhabi, where he was on assignment for Wired magazine, and, as he put it, having just removed the last particles of sand from his ears, Todd Antony talked with us about his workflow and shares advice for those who’ve decided to make photography their career.

Alan and Gretchen

Alan & Gretchen Planning for Success

Alan & Gretchen is a successful photographer duo with a list of top brand clients that is as long as it is impressive. We talked to Alan about their setup, their workflow and how to get what you want out of your images as a professional photographer.

© Russell Ord

Russell Ord A unique ocean view

Russell Ord is a world-renowned surf photographer who has produced more than 25 magazine covers and won numerous awards for his work shooting unique and spectacular views of the ocean.

Jim Jordan - a pursuit of beauty

Against a cobalt sky, a stretch of pure white sand... and a stunning, diamond bejeweled model in a flowing white dress runs along the pristine sand dunes with a big white husky dog. And alongside her runs a photographer shooting with a Phase One camera system, chasing this vision.

Francis Hills

Francis Hills -the Accidental Photographer

Having been a publisher and a new media executive, Francis Hills was already in his mid 30s and experienced at running a publishing business when he decided to pick up a camera, just ten years ago.

Jaime DeMarco

Jaime DeMarco's not-so-secret darkroom advantage

Jaime DeMarco describes himself as an “old school guy” because he was trained in the art and the business of film photography, which was another world entirely.
Jaime has used Capture One since those days, and we've talked with him about how he uses Capture One Pro 7.

Jeff Ascough

Jeff Ascough Reunited with Capture One

Jeff Ascough is one of the world’s top wedding photographers. Based in the UK, Jeff shoots approximately 30 weddings per year across the UK and Europe, and his work has been featured in all major photographic publications on five continents.

Carol M. Highsmith

Carol M. Highsmith Capturing the essence of a nation

Since her career change from Washington, D.C., radio executive to professional photographer 33 years ago, Carol M. Highsmith has crisscrossed the U.S., photographing the essence of America.

John Wildgoose

Why Capture One works for me by John Wildgoose

John Wildgoose has been shooting for over a quarter of a century. Twenty of the last years have been for some of London and New York’s best graphic design agencies.

© Matt Armendariz

Matt Armendariz Speaking the language of Food photography

Food has always fascinated Matt Armendariz who grew up in a large family that gathered every day for dinner. Matt equated food with “love, safety, warmth, community and family.”

Patrick Ross

Patrick Ross - Building on Success

Patrick Ross had his first professional photo shoot the day after he graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography. He credits his education there for helping him develop his craft to a very high level and prepared him well for the “real” work world.

Patrick Ross - Invest in Success

Patrick Ross had his first professional photo shoot the day after he graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography. He credits his education there for helping him develop his craft to a very high level and prepared him well for the “real” work world.

Ray Stofberg

Ray Stofberg's transition to Capture One Pro

Ray Stofberg is a professional photographer focusing on advertising, still-life, products & packshots and portraits. In his personal work he creates images that convey his emotions.

Ross Floyd Clocks

Ross Floyd: Capturing Time - with Capture One

Professional photographer Ross Floyd is a passionately talented storyteller. Thanks to his keen curiosity, energy and enthusiasm, he transforms the objects and the persons he shoots into images that speak for themselves.

Simeon Quarrie Capture One Pro 7

Simeon Quarrie Carving out Your Niche

Simeon Quarrie started out as a graphic designer, he moved from web design, to other media including video and photography. But unlike other aspiring photographers, he did not simply dive into the genre labeled ‘wedding'...

© Wilhelm Westergren

The double life of Wilhelm Westergren

By day, Wilhelm Westergren is a corporate marketing executive in Brussels. By night (or at least in all the time he can dedicate), he is consumed by his side job as a photographer.



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