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August 20, 2014
Capture One Pro 7 Webinar:
Unlimited creative power with Local Adjustments

Did you know that Local Adjustments masks can be automatically filled, inverted and even copied?
Local Adjustments allow various adjustments to be made on selected parts of an image. This adds an additional way to explore creativity and it avoids the need to apply these adjustments as an additional step in Photoshop, thus saving time and boosting quality, as you are working on the RAW file itself.

You will learn...
- How to apply a mask with varying levels of size, hardness and opacity, resulting in more sublte corrections to density and colour.
- How to apply smooth graduated masks with the Graduated mask tool, to even out exposure (and not just in lanscapes either!)
- How to combine all these elements together creating Local Adjustments that are more than just a simple "on and off" adjustment, but can have subtle blends in between.

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Session 1: 10AM to 11AM CEST (Central European Summer Time)
Hong Kong - 4PM, London - 9AM, Paris - 10AM, Dubai - 12PM, Sydney - 6PM, Los Angeles - 1AM, New York - 4AM

Session 2: 5PM to 6PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)
Hong Kong - 11AM, London - 4PM, Paris - 5PM, Dubai - 7PM, Sydney - 1AM, Los Angeles - 8AM, New York - 11AM

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