• http://www.phaseone.com/ja-jp/Camera-Systems/645DFplus/645-In-action.aspx
  • http://www.phaseone.com/ja-jp/Camera-Systems/645DFplus/645-In-action.aspx
  • Albert Watson - Landscapes on the edge

    In recent years Albert Watson has focused his attention on Fine Art and Landscape Photography. In this video we travel with Albert to the Isle of Skye for his most recent landscape project. Inspired by the stunning nature and his Scottish heritage Albert brings his philosophy to life, and creates mesmerizing photographs inspired by fairies, goblins and elves.

  • Magical landscapes with Albert Watson (2/2)

    Throughout the trip to Isle of the Skye, the weather changed from the worst to bearable and finally almost friendly. When the weather was at its worst, Albert relied on the IQ280 digital back to create magic moments.

    Towards the end of the trip, Albert found his perfect black and white photo opportunity, so he switched from the IQ280 digital back to the IQ260 Achromatic. That was an optimal time to pick Albert's brain for work-flow tips on black and white photography.

  • 一生に一度の撮影 − Ford GT40を撮る

    リチャード・トンプソンは彼のキャリアの中で信じられないほどの数の車の撮影をしてきましたが、彼の最新の撮影はとても貴重なものでした。希少価値のあるフォードGT40レーシングカーの撮影、リチャードはその現場を砂漠という信じられないロケーションを指定、またとない貴重な撮影に新しいLS40-80mm LS f/4.0-5.6レンズで挑むことになりました。

  • Albert Watson on his career and iconic images

    Albert Watson is one of the world's most successful and sought-after fashion and commercial photographers working today. Watch him talk about his career and the story behind some of his most iconic images.

  • Introducing LAND SCAPE by David LaChapelle (part 1/2)

    Watch David LaChapelle in action!

    We go behind the scenes on the production of "Refineries", the second part of David LaChapelle's project, titled "LAND SCAPE." In video 1/2 we visit David's studio and see his still life oil refinery models being constructed and then photographed on location.

    "My goal is to get people's attention! It's very difficult to get people's attention long enough to look at an image and then understand what it means." David LaChapelle

  • Introducing LAND SCAPE by David LaChapelle (part 2/2)

    Watch David LaChapelle in action!

    We go behind the scenes on the production of "Refineries", the second part of David LaChapelle's project, titled "LAND SCAPE." Join David LaChapelle in a dried out lakebed in this second, concluding and exclusive behind the scenes video and discover how he brings these refineries to life.

  • ティム・ケンプルとIQ250との出会い

    アクション・スポーツフォトグラファー、ティム・ケンプルがPhase One IQ250を初めて手にしフォトグラファーとして最も劇的な一日についてご覧ください。


  • ウェディングフォトグラファー、ダン・オーデイの忘れられない出来事



  • 10 photography tips from award winning photographer Antony Spencer.

    Antony Spencer is an award-winning British landscape photographer. He travels the world to capture amazing images. Antony is partial to the Arctic region and northern Scandinavia, capturing stunning Northern Light images and Ice scapes. He is also known to go storm chasing in Tornado Alley in the US.

    We visited Antony and we picked his brain for tips, tricks and techniques for capturing stunning landscape images.

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