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  • http://www.phaseone.com/ja-jp/Camera-Systems/645DFplus/Case-studies/Tobias-Bjorkgren.aspx


トビアス・ビョークグレンはストックホルム在住のファッションとビューティ専門のフォトグラファーです。ヘアスタイリストのカロリーナ・ダニエルソンとトビアスはチームを組みHungerTVで先進のヘアスタイリストの技術を競う "Dig The New Breed" に参加しました。トビアスがコンテストに参戦する契機は一見控えめな美しさから正気に見えないキャラクターを引き出すようなイメージに変えるテクニックを表現しようと考えたのです。

Tell us how you became a photographer and how you categorize your photographic style?
My interest in photography started pretty late in my life, I got my first non-point & shoot camera in 2007, when I studied Biomedicine at Linkoping University. When I started to get into photography as a hobby I did as most photographers in my surroundings did, I shot parties and the lifestyle around the university.

My career, as a photographer, jumpstarted in April 2010 when I got my first professional assignment, I shot portraits for a book about politics and social media,since then my career has developed. My work has evolved rapidly and moved from never having been in a studio prior to January 2011 to doing mostly studio related work. I most recently started my move from mostly portraits to doing more commercial advertising and fashion related work as well. Today I mainly see myself as a fashion and beauty photographer.

What is the story and inspiration behind the images showcased here?
These images came together for a competition that HungerTV arranged for hairstylists. I sat down with my hairstylist Karolina Danielson and asked her if we should give it a try. We came up with the idea about a woman that transforms from a timid and almost religious woman to a woman driven to the edge of insanity all this within the 5 required images and hairstyles.

...and the technical setup?
Lighting and technical setup is pretty similar in all the images. First of all, I used a Phase One 645DF camera body with the IQ140 digital back. For a lens I used the 150mm Mamiya AF 2.8. Furthermore I used Profoto Stripboxes as kicker and changed the main light between a small 1x1.3 foot softbox and a silver softlight reflector.

Why did you choose to work with Phase One for this shoot?
I love how accurate the colors behave, the amount and kind of sharpness that medium format gives me. I love the focal length that the 150mm gives on the IQ140 back as well. This is probably my most common shooting setup. I love the focal length that the 150mm gives on the IQ140 back as well. This is probably my most common shooting setup.

Photographed by Tobias Björkgren

Model: Isabella R from MIKAS
Clothing by Frida Jonsvens
Hair by Karolina Danielson 
Make up by Lisa Stenlid

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ALL IMAGES © Tobias Björkgren

Tobias Björkgren
Tobias Björkgren's five images portrays a woman going from timid, almost religious, to insane.
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