In 2011 Anja Poulsen and Michael Falgren created a joint production team under the name WeDoPeople.

Based in Denmark, WeDoPeople has worked internationally with a wide variety of brands and celebrities. Further, the two are owners and creators of the international fashion magazine Bwatt as well as the film and production company Neye Falgren. Their client work includes Elle, Bestseller, Tuborg, Sony Music, Nike and many more, as well as celebrity work with Kelly Osbourne, Dita von Teese, Helena Christensen, and others.

When Michael shared two recent fashion editorials with us, we asked him about the job and how it is to work in the unique collaboration of two photographers on all projects.

Where are these images from?
The images are from two different jobs and two very different locations but the model, Jenny from Divamodels is used in both campaigns. We shot the beach images for ALT for Damerne a weekly Danish women’s magazine. The other half of the images are from an editorial we did on Sicily. The images were used in our magazine Bwatt, issue #5.
Our client, ALT for damerne, was extremely happy with the results, and we are looking forward to shoot for them again.

WeDoPeople is collaboration between you and Anja Poulsen. Why did you choose such an uncommon business model, and how do you benefit from it?
We know that working together as a team is quite unique, and we did put a lot of thought into it before we decided to join forces. Some clients are a bit surprised with the setup, but we are confident this is an optimal business model for the two of us. It is not just double the creativity, but it provides us better time for preparation and a stronger quality result. Anja has a big love for the seventies and fashion as a whole; she gives the images a touch of ease and sexiness. I try to focus more on creating playfulness.  I constantly challenge compositions and ideas. We both inspire one another and the clients love the result. 

What challenges do you meet, being two photographs on the same shoot?
We have worked together since 2011 and so far we haven’t had any significant challenges, just more creativity, fun, passion and ease around the set. We really compliment each other well, personally and creatively.

What is your favorite part about being a photographer?
Basically I love my profession. It’s a big mix of things. You get to be playful and create beautiful results, all the while having fun. It’s exciting and requires concentration, intuition, as well as creativity. Of course, you also get to meet amazing people and see some of the most beautiful places in the world. What’s not to like?

…and the worst?
There is always something, but to me they’re only minor problems, like waiting in airports and longing for new equipment…

Photographer WeDoPeople

Camera: Phase One 645DF+
Digital back: IQ250
More images: Phase One gallery
Model: Jenny Divamodels

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