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  • http://www.phaseone.com/ja-jp/Imaging-Software/Capture-One-Pro-7/OurCustomers.aspx

Andreas H. Bitesnich



“特にソフトウェアが気に入っていて毎日使っている。他と比べても Capture One Pro 7の仕上がりに満足している。Capture One Pro 7が私のデジタルワークフローを支えているといっても過言ではない!”

Douglas Sonders

Award-winning advertising and editorial photographer from Washington D.C.

Sonders Photography

"Capture One Pro 7 takes everything I knew about shooting tethered and raw image processing to the next level. Its brand new image processing is a fantastic leap forward and brings more finite and detailed control to the exposure, highlight, detail, contrast, and sharpness of my images."

Uri Golman

Adventure and wild-life photographer from Copenhagen, Denmark


"Traveling around the world for my photography means that I like to keep things simple and Capture One Pro 7 lets me download, sort, process and finish my images right on the spot. This means a lot of less work back in the office. It is easy to use and covers every aspect of my post production. It has become an invaluable tool in my work."

Jack Flesher

Fine art and landscape photographer, Los Altos, California.

GetDPI Imaging

"The results are like upgrading one or two entire camera generations, adding 50% new pixels to your camera and 3 stops of ISO capability - amazing"

Peter Eastway

Peter Eastway

Landscape photographer, New South Wales, Australia


"I have always loved the way Capture One handles my files, especially the colour and the detail in the shadow areas. Now in Capture One 7, the colour and detail are even better than before."

Markus Zuber

Landscape and architecture photographer, Zürch, Switzerland


“I really feel lost without v7 – even when v6 is still running but there are so much more possibilities for optimising an image."

Paul Steunebrink

Photographer, Tuitjenhorn, The Netherlands

"Capture One Pro 7 again takes the lead against the competition for high quality output, fast workflow and a wealth of features you really want to use."

Paul Fawley

Photographer at Photolink, Manchester, UK


"We have used C1 for many years and as the software has evolved, so has our workflow. One team can shoot upwards of 70 garments per day often with several options. Using C1 I can always rely on my digital assistants to keep pace with the shoot."

Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof

Fashion and glamour photographer, Emmeloord, The Netherlands


"For me shooting tethered is second nature, I've tried several other solutions but always come back to Capture One. (...) It's still a very fast and reliable tethering solution with some awesome extras that makes it easy to show my clients on location or even worldwide the results as THEY want it. Add the support for worldwide viewing on iPads and iPhones and Capture One is one rocking program. I love it.”

Joe Cornish

Renowned landscape photographer, Cornwall, UK

Joe's gallery

"Every Capture One user has their own favourite editing control; mine is the local adjustments palette, where the brush and a range of adjustment options allows us to paint with light, bringing the artist out of the photographer. In my opinion the overall package of additions, improvements and refined tools consolidates Capture One's status as the raw converter of choice for the expert photographer."


Beauty photographer, Hong Kong



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