IQ250 Anton Watts

"There was and still is something extremely gratifying about framing up and creating that captured moment, whether it’s in one frame or if an Advertising agency is commissioning me to create it." Anton Watts

We caught up with Anton to learn more about his experience and his work…

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Andy Biggs | Phase One camera system

From passion to profession

Many people recognize Andy Biggs as a successful African wildlife photographer and photographic safari guide. What most probably don’t know is that he launched his career only one year after buying his very first camera. He and his wife packed up everything for an extended trip to Africa. For six weeks in East Africa, Andy wrote his business plan and started his journey to become a full time professional photographer.

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Micha Pawlitzki P45+

The number one Diva

Creating the most comprehensive book on orchids, including the rarest and most beautiful of their kind is no easy task, but it is exactly what Micha Pawlitzki has achieved with his most recent book Orchids.

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IQ280 Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Noberto

The maze of the human mind

During 2014 we have followed the talented Italian artist duo Tania Brassesco & Lazlo Passi Norberto. They have created two already celebrated fine art projects, "Fading Flowers" and from the second project they have finalized "Wandering Souls" and "Under the surface".

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FRAMED: Behind the Scenes

Herring & Herring recently published their second magazine, FRAMED. We asked them to share the process of putting together this celebrity-focused issue. They share everything from the creative process, to the technical setup and the whole process of working with famous subjects: How do you get in contact with these subjects? How do you approach collaboration, and more.

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Balazs Gardi IQ250

The Mind Flying Process | Balazs Gardi

Balazs Gardi is a freelance photographer most well known for documenting the everyday lives of diverse communities in great need. From early on in his career, Balazs started photographing sport events to keep his reflexes sharp. This has been his way into working with Red Bull, photographing their extreme sport athletes.

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Monica Silva Caravaggio

LUX ET FILUM | Monica Silva

LUX ET FILUM (Latin for Light And Canvas), is Monica Silva's photographic interpretation of the great Caravaggio's paintings. It is not only inspired by his most famous works but reinvents them, by placing them at the center of a simple question: How would these same paintings be portrayed today?

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Mark Power IQ280

Open for Business | Mark Power

Along with eight other photographers, Mark Power set out to document manufacturing in today's Britain. Mark traveled to Bombardier's train manufacture facility located in Derby, England. Driven by the complicated train production process, Mark's final contribution appears fragmented, further exemplified by being displayed like a jigsaw puzzle, where the images doesn't quite fit together.

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Herring and Herring IQ180

FRAMED - Magazine from Herring&Herring

A magazine you can spend hours with and never read a word. Herring&Herring are ready with their second image-only magazine. We asked Dimitri and Jesper why they have invested so much time in two print magazines, while living in a digital world. They share what they have gained and learned in the process, plus they share a tip or two.

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Jonathan Bielaski IQ180

Cold-water scuba dive shoot in Iceland

Having reliable equipment is vital for any photographer. For Portrait Photographer Jonathan Bielaski reliability becomes especially important when shooting in harsh and remote locations. Jonathan shares why he wouldn't go to Iceland to photograph cold-water divers without his Phase One camera system.

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WeDoPeople IQ250

Too much creativity, or just the right amount?

In 2011 Anja Poulsen and Michael Falgren created a joint production team under the name WeDoPeople. When Michael shared two recent fashion editorials with us, we asked him about the job and how it is to work in the unique collaboration of two photographers on all projects.

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Pable Ferao IQ250

Pablo Ferao's first IQ250 experience

Action and sports photographer Pablo Ferao has been a 35mm DSLR user his whole career, but recently he took a Phase One camera system with an IQ250 digital back for a test drive. His first experience was too good not to share.

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Paul Mobley IQ250

Blue Man Group - by Paul Mobley

New York based portrait photographer, Paul Mobley, shares the defining moments of his career, his best tips for aspiring photographers, and what he thinks are the best and worst parts of being a professional photographer.

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Carol M. Highsmith Cultural Heritage


Carol M. Highsmith has dedicated her career to photographically preserve the American heritage. Her work must withstand the test of time, so she relies on her Phase One 645DF+ and IQ180 digital back.

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Paul Reiffer IQ280

The whole nine yards - Cityscapes

Capturing dynamic cityscapes is a risky business. Landscape photographer Paul Reiffer shares what it is about cities that makes him go the whole nine yards for the perfect capture.

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Andrew Moore IQ180

The Dirt Meridian from above

For the past 7 years fine art photographer Andrew Moore has had an annual trip to the Northern Great Plains of the US to document the land and the people that inhabit it. Andrew shot a large part of the collection with a Phase One camera system mounted to the side of an airplane.

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Dan Sellers IQ260

Time is money

Portrait photographer Dan Sellers tells us what it takes to specialize in photographing high-profile executives where, of all places, time is money. Read what Dan has learned and how he has managed to grow his business throughout his career alongside the business world's elite.

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Allan Davey IQ260


Photographer and digital artist Allan Davey creates magnificent dragon based on multiple images, including macro shots of red cabbage and an elephant, among other rather interesting "ingredients"!

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Enrico Sacchetti IQ280


Enrico Sacchetti left his life as fashion photographer in Milan to pursue a lifelong fascination with science. His speciality now includes large-scale physics, astrophysics and astronomy photography. Enrico shares his story from a trip to Antarctica with the IQ280 and IQ260 Achromatic.

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Moises Levy IQ260


Moises Levy began his photographic odyssey almost 20 years ago. An educated architect and with a love for nature and beauty, Levy's imagery is characterized by its minimalism, mystique and mathematically precise compositions.

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Jeffery Salter IQ260


A few years back Jeffery Salter decided to change his career path and went from being a newspaper staff photographer working with 35mm film to a leading magazine cover photographer shooting with medium format gear. This is how Jeffery managed to do the transition successfully.

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Fokion Zissiadis IQ260


Vice president of Sani Sa, and co-owner of the Sani Resort a 5-star property at Kassandra Halkidiki Greece, Fokion Zissiadis does his best to make time for his passion of photography. To justify his precious time traveling to great locations, the best quality capture system was an absolute must for him. After thorough market research he invested in a Phase One camera system, and today he is the owner of an IQ260 digital back.

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Chad Ziemendorf IQ180


A background in professional baseball seems atypical when compared to that of most of Chad Ziemendorf's peers. Despite this, Chad has been able to bring many important values from his time as a baseball player into his work as an architechtural photographer. Early in his photographic career, Chad decided to invest in a Phase One camera system with the IQ180 digital back.

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Jeffrey Totaro IQ260


Jeffrey Totaro started his career as an architect and structural engineer. A self-taught photographer, he chose to follow his passion and become a full-time professional photographer in 1996. Jeffrey takes us step by step through a recent shoot he did in Philadelphia with his new IQ260 digital back.

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Allan Pollok-Morris Phase One


Allan Pollok-Morris has worked as a professional photographer for 30 years. He is best known for his large format, exclusive photography of land-art and design. He works for a wide variety of high quality media, and dedicates much of his time on solo gallery exhibitions. We caught up with Allan to get an insight into his work.

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Jeffery Salter IQ260


在飞思IQ260数码后背公布后,Jeffery Salter是其中一个首先升级的摄影师。在3个月内他就发表了三张杂志封面。人像摄影师Jeffery带我们进入《体育画报》高端封面拍摄的幕后,还有国际球星巴洛特利。

Marc Koegel IQ260 Achromatic


Marc Koegel is a man of many talents. Illustrious black-and-white fine art photographer. Recipient of countless photography awards with numerous exhibitions to his name. Educator and counselor to photography students. Prodigious blogger. And a man in love with the IQ260 Achromatic digital back from Phase One.

Werner Segarra IQ180

Mi Herencia

Werner Segarra has worked as a professional photographer for 16 years, serving the US, Latin American and Caribbian markets. His portfolio includes fashion, architecture, cuisine, and commercial work. Werner shared a fine-art editorial, shot with his Phase One camera system, inspired by his own Puerto Rican heritage.

Tony Hewitt IQ180


Landscape photographer Tony Hewitt was announced as the 2013 Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year, after entering images taken over Shark Bay, Australia, using Phase One gear. Fellow landscape photographer, Peter Eastway met up with Tony to get the story behind the images.

Colby Brown  IQ260


In 2011 Colby Brown founded The Giving Lens (TGL). TGL brings photographers from all over the world to unique destinations with the goal of furthering their photographic skill sets while also helping various important causes. Colby brought a Phase One camera system with an IQ260 digital back to Tanzania when he visited a Maasai tribe with TGL.

Micha Pawlitzki Unter Grund


Subway stations are often perceived as unpleasant and dirty places, but award-winning architecture photographer Micha Pawlitski spend the past 18 months capturing the most brilliantly designed stations in Germany for his new book "Unter Grund".

Anti Wendel IQ180


Anti Wendel teamed up with AMG to create a fashion campaign with MUUSE. MUUSE is an international fashion label that produces collections with some of the best design talents around the world. The working title of the project was “Nocturnal Events". The final campaign was featured in the renowned fashion magazine DANSK.

Patrick Cox P40 plus


Patrick Cox has worked with photography his whole life. Since he opened his studio in Greenville, South Carolina, in 2001, Patrick has been a full-time professional photographer. He embraces the challenge of variation, and loves that being a photographer means that every day is different.


因为喜爱它 - Jonathan Bielaski

"For the love of it" is commercial photographer Jonathan Bielaski's personal project. He captures the strong personalities of those who have succeeded professionally by doing what they love. "The goal of the project is to inspire people to do what they love, because if you do that you will never work another day in your life."


仅是一种想象 - 乐透649

Philip Jarmain's imagination and ability to transform his vision into captures has been a big part of his success. For his Lotto 649 project he wanted to capture everything “in camera” so he teamed up with talented sculptors, modelers, painters and graphic artists to create something spectacular.

Sebastian Damberger case study


German fashion and advertising photographer Sebastian Damberger puts this question to the test as he shot a shoe campaign for LOOXX magazine. We asked Sebastian about the techniques and challenges he faced in the creation of the images.



Swedish based photographer Tobias Björkgren attended HungerTV's fashion comptetition "Dig The New Breed". His five images portrays a woman going from timid, almost religious, to insane. We got to know Tobias and the story behind his images a bit better.



Jim Garner, 世界顶级婚礼摄影师之一,认为飞思数码后背是他成功的一个组成部分。Michael Roscoe发现了原因...


Investing in IQ Phase One gear turned out to be a savvy financial and creative investment for renowned wedding photographer R.J. Kern. He explains why to Michael Roscoe...

Alex and David shooting with Phase One



Jeroen Hofman case study


Michael Roscoe 发现只有唯一一个相机系统,能真正满足得奖摄影师 Jeroen Hofman 的需求。


Adrian Weinbrecht 是在伦敦生活的澳大利亚籍专业摄影师。他说:“要成功成为广告摄影师,你需要积极的态度、机智的思维和能够控制场面的能力......”


Miss Aniela is representative of an exciting generation of truly 21st century photo-artists – with no formal training, this self-taught, new breed of photographers has risen to prominence through the power of the Internet via the photo sharing website Flickr.


Peter Steinhauer lives for black and white. He loves the aesthetic, the quality and all the history associated with the medium.




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