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May 2014

Phase One and Digital Transitions
Cultural Heritage Webinar: Color
Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
10am - 1pm EST - 1st session
2pm - 5pm EST - 2nd session

Guest Speakers:
Niels Knudsen, Phase One
Don Williams, Image Science Assoc.
Peter Siegel, DT DCH

Overview of Topics

  • Color Theory: An In-Depth Discussion
  • Color Formation Overview
  • Discussion on Color Encoding
  • Color Management for Cultural Heritage Imaging
  • Best Practices for Creating Custom Heritage Profiles
  • The Basics of Film & Film Scanning Division of Cultural Heritage
  • Tutorial on Photographic Film & their Characteristics: Achieving a Digital Image with Maximum Utility
  • Discussion of Imaging Standards: Metamorphoze & FADGI
    Presented by Don Williams

This is an excellent opportunity for the cultural heritage community to discuss their perspectives in an open forum, and also help impact the future roadmap for imaging technologies.

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