• http://www.phaseone.com/zh-cn/Camera-Systems/IQ-Series/IQ-Tutorials.aspx
  • http://www.phaseone.com/zh-cn/Camera-Systems/IQ-Series/IQ-Tutorials.aspx


  • IQ on a technical camera

    Watch professional photographer Peter Eastway explain how to use an IQ digital back on a technical camera such as ALPA.

  • The upgrade path

    All the good reasons to upgrade from a Phase One P+ to an IQ series medium format digital back.

  • IQ系列数码后背

    飞思研发副总裁,Claus Mølgaard,介绍新的智商系列数码后背

  • The DELTA test

    At DELTA they help ideas meet the real world. See how the Phase One IQ180 camera system overcome their test.

  • IQ workflow features

    Phase One engineer, Lau, shows features on the IQ back that will help you optimize your workflow

  • 图像质量


  • All settings at your fingertips

    Phase One engineer, Kristian, talks about the IQ series digital back and intelligent integration

  • IQ backs built to last

    Phase One engineer, Anders, shows the IQ series' lightweight and strong industrial design

  • 优化以获得可能最佳的性能


  • IQ 传感器+


  • 图像处理

    飞思工程师,Lionel 和 Bjarke,谈论图像文件处理的Capture One

  • Tethered shooting

    Shooting tethered has never been easier nor more professional. See how it works with the Phase One IQ series back.

  • Live View on the IQ

    Use the Live View feature and zoom to full size to quickly and accurately check focus on the vibrant LCD touch screen.




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