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Accelerate your creative process with Capture One Styles

The improved Styles workflow debuted in Capture One Pro 10.1 is further enhanced with the addition of Styles Packs. From Seasonal to Cinematic, each pack comes with up to 18 different Styles designed to enhance curves, saturation, and tonal adjustments – without affecting key capture parameters such as exposure, white balance or levels. Adding Capture One Styles to your editing process will allow you to achieve your desired look faster and more consistently across large batches of images.



Cinematic Styles

The Cinematic Style Pack offers color grading and adjustments inspired by the magic of cinema. In order to simulate different film styles, contrast curves and film grain have been built in, however each Style can be further adjusted to create your own masterpiece.

Black & White Styles

The timelessness of black and white has made it a favorite, no matter the film format. This suite offers a unique mix of channel luminosity and varying contrasts to provide the perfect foundation for creating exquisite monochromatic images.

Matte Styles

The contemporary look of matte contrast and muted color grading is an ideal option for wedding, documentary, and travel photographers. Use the Matte Style Pack to accelerate your workflow, while still being able to add your own personal touch with additional adjustments.

Seasonal Styles

The unique color palette and lighting provided by the start of each season is replicated in this pack. Ranging from the crisp toned-down hues of winter to the vivid and saturated colors of summer, you can find the perfect mood for your images.


Can’t make up your mind? The Essentials Style Pack includes a variety of carefully selected options, representing each of the Styles Packs. With 16 Styles in total, there are plenty of chances to accelerate your creativity. 


Try before you buy with the Sample Pack. This free pack has 5 sample Styles representing each of the larger packs, allowing you to get inspired and discover which pack works best for your style.

Download Samples

Get Started with Capture One Styles

Installation and getting started

Installation and getting started

Learn how to install Styles and implement them in your workflow in 30 seconds

Styles in a wedding workflow

Styles in a wedding workflow

Christian Oth shares his workflow working with Styles as a professional wedding photographer.

Working with Styles and Presets in Capture One 

Working with Styles and Presets in Capture One 

Learn the difference between Styles and Presets in Capture One and how to work with them.

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Working with Styles

Styles can be used in many different workflows. They can for example be applied during import or used as a creative brainstorming tool to find the direction of your images.

Learn how to:

•    Install Styles Packs
•    Apply Styles to large batches of images
•    Import images with a Style applied
•    Effectively use both Styles and Presets in your workflow








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