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Welcome to the Phase One Family

Owning a Phase One Camera System doesn’t have to be the impossible dream. For a limited time only, we are taking $5,000 off the price of a Phase One XF IQ1 50MP Camera System, including a Schneider Kreuznach 80mm lens. Get in touch with your nearest Phase One Partner to take advantage of this offer.
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IQ1 Adaptive Performance

IQ1 Digital Backs are built to perform. The Open Platform philosophy embraced by Phase One, and the modular design of all Phase One hardware, reflects our commitment to not only build the best, but to ensure we can accommodate the unique vision of every artist. Designed with a focus on effortless workflow, IQ1 Digital Backs provide access to the best image quality regardless of photographic application.

XF Camera System Integration

All IQ1 Digital Backs integrate seamlessly with the XF Camera System, providing access to a multitude of camera tools, accessories and of course some of the best optics around - the Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring leaf shutter lenses.

Fine Art Applications

Not all photographic methods are the same, and not all artists have the same requirements. When it comes to realizing your vision and creative expression, a digital back that is as flexible as analog methods is a firm requirement. The IQ1 Digital Backs offer the ability to capture long exposures, some even up to an hour, and integrate ISO flexibility options either through proprietary methods like Sensor+ or with newer CMOS sensor technology. The control and speed of your workflow is also optimized through tethered integration with Capture One Pro. You can instantly see the results of your creation and continue the creative process.

Landscape Advantages

The landscape photographer knows all too well the stresses that the natural world can place on a camera. Phase One Digital Backs are built to be as beautiful and intuitive as they are robust. From day one, Phase One Digital Backs were built with the elements in mind, and the IQ1 is no exception. The IQ1 Digital Backs are powered by a single internal battery, robust communication ports ensure longevity and reliability, and tactile controls guarantee operation is possible no matter what the conditions. The IQ1 Digital Backs are built to see the world with precision performance. No matter how far or how hard the journey may be, you’ll always return with the best image quality possible.

Technical Camera Alternatives

The benefits of integrated camera systems are clear, but the advantages of Phase One Digital Backs are further apparent when coupled with a non-integrated camera solution. Whether it’s an advanced technical camera, a vintage view camera, or a custom photographic solution, the IQ1 Digital Backs provide convenient integration options. With the IQ1 Digital Backs, there’s no need for cumbersome external power solutions - each back has independent and integrated battery power. The IQ1 Digital Backs are available in several mounting options, and every back has standardized analog input ports to communicate with any mechanical shutter or camera.

Unlimited Possibilities

Phase One Digital Backs are designed with every photographic application in mind. This Open Platform philosophy is evident in the multiple mounting options available, the analog communication ports, as well as the options for Firewire and USB communication. The IQ1 Digital Backs are the perfect imaging tool to accommodate any scenario, be it a scientific application, advanced imaging method, or simply compatibility to an uncommon camera. The only limitation is your imagination. The IQ1 Digital Backs offer tethered control via Capture One Pro, external power options for autonomous applications, and unbeatable reliability. For any capture scenario, there is an IQ1 Digital Back to meet the demands.