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KB 1898

Phase One cameras and IQ Series contains the following warranties and items:

Last updated: 23-09-2015



XF Camera System Warranty
XF Camera System Content

IQ3 / 2 series Warranty outline

IQ 1 series Warranty outline

NOTE: Induvidually purchased camera bodies and lenses are warranted as IQ 1 outline


The Value Added suitcase is a weather and waterproof suitcase with inline wheels and a telescoping handle. The case is made from a high performance material, and it has press & pull latches and automatic pressure release valve. It will meet most carry-on regulations on international airplanes. The case measures: 551 x 358 x 226mm

Value Added Case Content ______________________________________________________________

Classic Case, to the left is the system with camera body and to the right is the back only case. Content


Upgrade Case ______________________________________________________________

Each package will contain the needed accessories for using the camera and back. The number of items will change depending of purchase whether it's an Upgrade, Classic or Value Added purchase. Your local dealer will be able to supply the needed information and details.