P3 Payload integrated with Auterion Skynode

Unmatched inspection productivity through cloud-connected workflows

Get plug-and-play P3 integration with Auterion’s open drone ecosystem

We understand that more end-users can leverage payloads for plug-and-play operation without extensive integration, which means enterprises can expand and diversify their fleets fast.  Auterion’s easy software integration yields the P3 Payload for scaled enterprise applications and future-proofs our offerings, de-risking your future investments.

Faster expansion and diversification of drone fleets

Through our partnership with Auterion, Phase One can provide the critical infrastructure required for our customers to scale their high-value drone inspection projects. By working with leading drone ecosystems and supporting our customers’ current and future business regardless of their platform, we aim to deliver unmatched, end-to-end productivity in shorter flight times.

Drones leveraging our P3 Payload together with the power and connectivity of Auterion’s Skynode and Suite are capable of dramatically scaling high-value, high-risk and time-critical inspections. Boost your inspections of wind turbine fields (on land and offshore), oil refineries and offshore rigs, power masts and utility lines, bridges, dams, nuclear facilities, large infrastructure projects, and other use cases.

The combination also benefits faster geospatial mapping, bringing world-renowned image quality with very high resolution, dynamic range, color fidelity, and geometric accuracy to projects.

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