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Passionate Portrait Photography

Developed by Phase one, Capture One Pro is a raw converter and image editing software for all photographers. We pair second-to-none engineering with uncompromising attention to detail, empowering our users to push themselves to the very limit of their creativity.

Thank you for listening to RGG’s Season 2 podcast, “The Business of Portraits”. If you’re looking to excel your portrait work, we’re here to give you a heads-start with Capture One Pro.

Natural Skin Tones

Capture One Pro is known for its rendering of skin tones. Even straight from the camera, Capture One Pro ensures pleasant, natural skin tones of your portraits to give you the best foundation for further adjustments. 

Instant Tethered Capture

Seeing your images pop up on a big screen instantly while shooting can be beneficial for both you as well as your model. Capture One Pro offers tethered capture for most popular camera models, allowing you to shoot directly into your computer and benefit from the features this includes. 

Local Adjustments

Whether you need a small change in exposure on a specific part of the image, healing of a custom shaped area or cleaning up a couple of spots on the skin, Capture One Pro includes the tools you need to make your portraits shine.

Color Grading

The Color Balance Tool in Capture One Pro allows you to add your own look to your images by tweaking individual color tones of the shadows, mid-tones and highlights. It has never been easier achieving that cinematic look you always see on film.

Film Grain

Capture One Pro has a built-in tool for adding analogue Film Grain to your portraits. Choose from six different methods of Film Grain to achieve the perfect feel and texture.

Output Sharpening

Your client might need the images in high resolution print or downscaled for online use. Capture One Pro offers an easy range of tools to make sure the sharpening of your images is perfect for every purpose.

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JeffRojas quote

"Capture One Pro 10 isn't simply software. It's a bundle of solutions at your fingertips."
- Jeff Rojas, Portrait & Fashion Photographer

JonasJensen PratikNaik - copyright to the right

“Capture One allows me to control colour like never before. No other program allows me to do that”
-Pratik Naik, Editorial and Commercial Retoucher

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