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Feature Update 4

13 September 2017


Focus control and flexibility

Autofocus & Recompose (AFr)

3D sensors within the XF Camera System enable AFr mode, allowing you to focus on a subject and then recompose the frame while retaining the desired focus point. 

Automatic Focus Stack Calculator

Evaluating focusing distances, sensor resolution, and aperture, the Focus Stack Calculator automatically suggests the number of frames that should be captured.

Focus Trim Tool

An effortless automation tool to trim your lenses. The built-in analysis of the calibration conditions ensures everything is done with confidence and is provided with a customized focus calibration target.

Vibration Analysis

Feature Update #4 introduces a visual Vibration Analysis of physical forces recorded during the exposure. This visual feedback can help the remote user know if, during the capture, any external forces may have affected the result.

Watch the Feature Update 4 introduction