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    Summary Getting Started: Fine Tuning Exposure, Contrast and Saturation on Windows
    Problem I have white balanced my images, what is the next step?
    How can I now adjust the Exposure?
    Solution Fine Tuning Exposure, Contrast and Saturation

    Select the Exposure tab.

    The Exposure tab will be displayed, see illustration below.
    Placing the cursor upon the tools will identify their function.

    There are a variety of methods to adjust image exposure:

  • > EC - Exposure Compensation slider to adjust up or down 1- 2 Fstops.

  • > Set Shadow and Set Highlight by using the eyedroppers on these areas within image

  • > Levels by sliding the 3 Pyramids of 0 / 1.00 / 255 found underneath the histogram display to adjust

  • > Click the Curve tab and adjust using curve selection

  • > Use the Magic Wand icon to do an Auto correct of exposure

    At the Exposure tab, CC - Contrast Compensation and CS - Color Saturation adjustments can be made as well.

    Working with Levels adjustments can be made in RGB, Red, Green, and Blue channels separately when Preserve color balance is unchecked.
    The two preview windows Raw RGB and Destination display the current and processed RGB values of the RAW file.

  • Last updated December 4, 2014

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