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    Article ID 2135
    Summary Creating a Phase One Profile
    Problem I want to create a Phase One Profile so I can Activate, Register my Products, and/or contact Support.

    You must have a profile to activate your software, contact support and register your products.
    Solution Creating a Profile

    Use the following step by step procedure to create your own profile with Phase One.


    2. Click on "My Pages" in the top right corner.

    3. Click on "New Profile".

    4. Provide the required information and choose "Save and Continue".

    5. Check your email account for this message from "Welcome at PhaseOne.Com". It will include a link you will need to click to activate the account.

    6. Once you click the link you will see "Welcome (Your Name). This means you have succesffully logged in with your profile credentials and your account is active.

    Last updated June 11, 2015

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