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Phase One iXR camera Robust digital reprographic camera solution for large scale digitization.

The industrial iXR is a robust and highly productive camera solution for large-scale digitization, fine art reproduction and other industrial applications. Using input from leading reproduction experts, the iXR was built from the ground up to meet the exacting needs of the reproduction photographer and was designed to streamline workflow by enabling you to take full control of the entire process. The iXR’s impressive combination of unsurpassed image quality, high productivity and rugged engineering make it the perfect camera system for getting the job right, on time and on budget.

The iXR is fully compatible with our lenses and IQ1 series digital backs, and with limited functionality on P/P+ digital backs, Leaf Aptus-II backs, and Credo backs. The iXR is a perfect solution for those looking to upgrade their camera systems without replacing their existing Phase One digital backs and optics. When using the IQ back on the iXR via Capture One Pro software, photographers can control the workflow remotely, without ever leaving their workstation. Easily move from Live View to Capture and adjust focus at the click of a button.

DT RCam reprographic camera Built with the highest quality components, ensuring durability, precision and quality.

The DT RCam is built from the ground up with the highest quality components for today’s modern digital backs to ensure durability, precision and optimum results. The DT RCam is a versatile reproduction camera designed to work with a wide variety of digital backs - you get to choose which one is best for your specific project.

RG3040 reprographic system Built for high quality digital capture of flat art objects.

The DT RG3040 reprographic system is developed to meet the high demands of the cultural heritage digital imaging community while also protecting the integrity of materials that it comes into contact with. This system is optimized for ease of use and the creation of superior digital images every time. It benefits from an electronically controlled column, fully aligned components as well as casters with adjustable and retractable dampeners.

Legacy copy stands were designed to meet the relatively loose precision required for film capture. The DT RG3040 reprographic stand is built from the ground up for the era of digital capture. Its design and manufacturing surpass the exacting tolerances required for high-resolution digital preservation imaging, and it is ready to use with any digital capture system.

RGC180 capture cradle Capture Cradle for high quality rapid capture book scanning and flat art objects.

This scanning system is used for scanning books, maps and loose-document collections. It achieves preservation grade reproductions at a very fast rate of capture while providing reliability, ease of use and safety of the original materials. For materials which should not be opened 180°, a 100° cradle can be placed on the optional hard-top.

BC100 book capture system Dedicated book solution for high quality rapid capture scanning.

The BC100 book capture system is a dedicated book scanning system that meets the high demands of cultural institutions by providing preservation-grade image quality, speed, and reliability needed to capture a wide variety of bound and loose materials. In addition to replacing flatbed and planetary scanners for the digitization of books, the BC100 is an excellent platform for the capture of loose works on paper, serials including newspapers, manuscripts, photos, drawings, and more.

DT film scanning kit Rapid capture of transparent film material in superior quality.

The digitization of photographic films, glass plates and similar photographic negatives and positive media has consistently been a cumbersome and time consuming process. The DT film scanning kit utilizes the finest capture technology to provide preservation grade image quality both simply and efficiently.

This system incorporates a cooled transilluminator to digitize all types of photographic plates as well as negative and positive film from 35mm up to 11" x 17" and includes all the necessary film pattern holders. The pattern holders elevate the film away from the transilluminator and minimizes contact with the object, ensuring preservation conditions throughout the object handling process.

The DT film scanning solution is an add-on fixture for use with the new DT RGC180 capture cradle or DT RG3040 reprographic system.

XF Camera Systems

XF IQ3 camera systems
The XF IQ3 camera system is designed around a whole new modular camera body together with the new IQ3 range of digital backs, taking medium format camera systems into the next decade.
XF IQ1 camera systems
If you are looking for a system to match your budget, the XF IQ1 camera systems remains a current and supported member of the Phase One family.
Upgrade to XF from a previous Phase One system
The XF camera body is fully compatible with previous generation IQ digital backs, allowing existing IQ customers to easily access the new XF camera platform.

IQ Digital Backs

IQ3 Digital Backs
IQ1 Digital Backs
Upgrade from previous Phase One backs

Sign up for at test drive of Phase One camera systems Lenses Designed for ultimate image quality

Lenses Phase One focal plane lenses and Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses.

With Phase One you get the best of both worlds - shutter speeds up to 1/4000s with the focal plane shutter and the ability to synchronize with flash as fast as 1/1600s with the leaf shutter. The quality is world-class both with the Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses and the Phase One digital focal plane lenses.

We just announced the immediate availability of the Schneider Kreuznach 40-80 mm f/4.0-5.6 leaf shutter zoom lens. This is the second zoom lens designed for the Phase One 645 camera platform, and it offers workflow versatility without compromising image quality.


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Dan O'Day

Dan O'Day

Wedding photographer, Australia

Justine Ungaro

Justine Ungaro

Portrait photographer, US

Couples rely on me to capture one of the happiest moments in their life, and they expect the outcome to be perfect. With the IQ250 I can deliver on this expectation with greater confidence, quality and detail than ever before.
The IQ250 solves so many problems. I can shoot in the studio. I can shoot outside. I just feel like the possibilities are endless. I'm still going to have those huge, gorgous files with the dynamic range that is mindblowing.
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