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Paul Reiffer

For over 10 years, Paul Reiffer has been producing commercial landscape and cityscape images for some of the world’s best known brands. From international hotel chains and airlines, to industry clients such as National Geographic and IMAX, his images are used in environments where the highest levels of detail and quality are required for ultra-large scale presentation.
The demanding nature of delivering the best possible image quality to meet the needs of his clients requires the best possible tools. By using the Phase One Camera System, he can deliver the highest possible resolution images with the tools and workflow customized to meet his desire to embrace the craft of photography as opposed to the labor of post-process editing. His use of the XF Camera System, coupled with specific filters and an understanding of the behavior of light ensures the very best results in every fine-art print he creates.


Lighten your kit with the XF IQ4 Camera System

Paul carried less while shooting Copenhagen's landmarks with Phase One. Follow him as he explores Copenhagen, and learn how he was able to travel lighter thanks to the in-camera frame averaging of the XF IQ4 Camera System. 

“I have one very simple goal; which is with one image, I need to express to someone what it felt like there at that time.” Paul Reiffer
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