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IQ Digital Backs


At the forefront of change

IQ Digital Backs are designed by photographers and built by our team of dedicated engineers. Together, they have created a platform that provides the modular flexibility you need with a future-proof platform that you can rely on. As we continue developing the platform, we pass those developments on to you in the form of complimentary Feature Updates.

Phase One IQ Digital Backs come with an industry-leading warranty and service guarantee, because we do not compromise when it comes to delivering camera systems that will serve you well into the future.

15 stops of dynamic range

"15-stops really help when shooting in tricky lighting conditions. And trick light is the norm above remote icy landscapes!" -Timo Lieber, Fine Art and Aerial Photographer

High ISO performance

"Even shooting at 3200 ISO I’ve found that the file retains its beauty, noise isn’t a problem, and more importantly allows flexibility with colour toning." -Bella Kotak, Fashion and Fine Art Photographer

Up to 60 minute long exposures

"It still amazes me the beautiful color rendition and low noise these backs can produce, even when pushing the limits of exposure time and temperature." - Peter Marshall, Photographer and POCP Instructor


A sensor 2.5 times bigger than 35mm DSLR

Find your IQ Digital Back

An IQ Digital back is an essential part of the XF Camera System. Find yours.
Compare digital backs
IQ3 Digital Backs IQ3 Achromatic IQ1 Digital Backs
Resolution 100MP, Trichromatic, 80MP, 50MP 100MP 100MP, 50MP
Dynamic Range up to 15 stops 15 f-stops up to 15 stops
Long Exposure up to 60 minutes 60 minutes up to 60 minutes
ISO Range 35 - 12800 200 - 51200 35 - 12800
CMOS LiveView 100MP, 50MP 100MP, 50MP
Electronic Shutter 100MP models n/a
XF Powershare n/a
Integrated Wifi n/a
  IQ3 Digital Backs IQ3 100MP Achromatic IQ1 Digital Backs

From black and white to brilliant color

Specialty digital back solutions to suit the most demanding applications.