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IQ1 Digital Backs

“The photo appeared so beautiful that it seemed already retouched. Having such equipment ends up convincing your customers.” Emmanuel Bournot, Sports Photographer

The original IQ series

The inbuilt flexibility of the IQ1 Digital Back opens the door to creative possibility. This is the original, pioneering technology that has paved the way for all future Phase One imaging systems. Available with three different mounts, the IQ1 Digital Back embodies Phase One’s open platform philosophy, ready for use with the Hasselblad H and V series, plus Mamiya and all Phase One cameras. No matter the combination, the IQ1 Digital Back provides exceptional imaging performance with the aim to expand your photographic tool kit. Used together with the Phase One XF Camera Body, get access to comprehensive workflow benefits from capture through to post-processing. Choose between the 100MP and 50MP to add versatility, possibility and exceptional image quality to your photography.
Explore the IQ1 Range
Features IQ1 100MP IQ1 50MP
Sensitivity (ISO) 50 - 12800 100 - 6400
Dynamic Range 15 f-stops 14 f-stops
Long Exposure 60 minutes 60 minutes
Mount Options XF, H P, H, V, C
CMOS Sensor
16 bit Opticolor+ n/a
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