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XF Camera System Reviews

"The camera is a new benchmark pushing the resolution, dynamic range and overall image quality of the medium-format category to the next level."  

"This is the best camera in the world today. At 100MP, no camera can compare with the image quality and the sheer resolution power."


"It is a camera that sets that benchmark for other cameras when it comes to features, interface and image quality" 


" other camera gives you an equal shooting experience or quality image results that the Phase One XF provides"

"You think you don't need a 100MP back until you use it - then you wonder how you managed without for so long."

"Professional photography has taken yet another step forward.  The Phase One XF 100MP is the new standard by which all imaging will be compared."


"It's not a camera system for the impatient or budget-constrained. But for those who care about top-notch quality, the Phase One XF comes though."

"Compared to other medium format systems, at AF system of the 100MP is very fast."

"Autofocus performance is particularly impressive. It's extremely fast, incredibly accurate and fantastically consistent, snapping into position time after time."