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Capture One Pro reviews

"The newest upgrade for Capture One feels like an across-the-board improvement in rendering speed and performance."

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"Capture One Pro provides more control over a tethered shooting environment than any other tool, with complete control over camera settings for many different brands of cameras."

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"It has always been my opinion that the learning curve is well worth the investment in time, since you'll have all of the most-used features of Bridge, Lightroom, Photoshop and Camera Raw in one program."

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"Un petit éditeur qui, grâce à son talent et à pertinence, fait de son prodoit Capture One Pro 10 un standard et une référence de l'édition photograpgique."

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"The imports, straight out of the camera, just look better. It's the way their algorithms analyze the RAW data and process it"

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"Capture One Pro 10 verfügt gegenüber der Vorgängerversion über eine neue „Processing Engine“, die – wie nicht anders von Phase One zu erwarten – eine enorme Qualität in der Detail- und Farbwiedergabe bietet."

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