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Capture One - The essential studio tool

Studio Photography with Capture One

Capture One is the industry leading image editing software, and the complete solution for offering high performance, tethered capture, comprehensive file handling and output to final formats. This makes it an ideal solution for your studio.

Industry-leading Tethered Capture

Capture One’s industry leading tethered capture is fast, flexible and reliable, for those photography sessions where speed and accuracy is important. Shoot directly to your computer for an almost instant viewing experience - with or without instant adjustments. Enable Live View for easier composing when shooting still-life photography.

Capture Pilot

Capture Pilot is perfect for working with clients in the studio and allows for an amazing collaboration between photographer and client. 

Capture Pilot for Web and iOS enables a wireless connection to the current Capture One Session or Catalog. Browse, rate, tag, zoom and collaborate with your clients on-set and even remotely control the attached camera.

Download Capture Pilot here

Session based workflow

Capture One provides countless tools when working with studio photography. The Session based file management workflow, was designed to effectively manage your images in real time as they are shot. "Tokens" to sort images into folders, name them, create Smart Albums with multiple criteria and much more. Have Capture One work for you, heavily reducing time needed after your shoot.

Focus Mask

Enable Focus Mask to easily review focus on your images, even from a distance. Capture One will show a green overlay of areas in focus, making sure you are at the top of your game when shooting in a studio environment.

Instant adjustments

Selecting a Style or enabling ‘Copy from last’ will make sure your adjustments are copied onto images as they are shot into Capture One. Need a bit extra contrast to complete the look? Simply apply the adjustments to your latest image and move on. If your client is reviewing your images during the shoot, they will see your look instead of a unedited RAW file.

Custom workspaces

Capture One is designed to accommodate your way of working. You can customize and build workspaces that support your workflow - tools, viewer, thumbnails and icons can be hidden, moved and resized for your convenience. Dual screen workspaces make the reviewing experience even better when having a big team.


Get Capture One now

You can either buy or subscribe to Capture One. With a subscription, get access to all the new features at a lower monthly fee


See what other studio photographers are saying

Mark Mawson

"Clients and crew can view images remotely on iPads using Capture One Pro. This is a huge advantage as it limits the number of people crowding around my main monitor while we are shooting and editing and allows me and my operator to make adjustments easily."

- Mark Mawson, commercial photographer

Michael Woloszynowicz

"Reliable and fast tethered capture is one of the most important features of all, which Capture One Pro delivers each time I use it."

- Michael Woloszynowicz, fashion & portrait photographer

Tanya Zouev

"When I first started working with Capture One Pro I was amazed at how good my raw files looked, even with minimal manipulation. Simply put, Capture One Pro enables me to create what I see in my mind's eye by bringing my raw files to life with utmost quality and an aesthetic like no other capture software."

- Tanya Zouev, food and lifestyle photographer

Studio Photography behind the scenes

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Studio workflow by Chris Davis

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