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How to delete the Capture One folder context menu in Windows OS.

Last updated: 08-11-2016


After installing the software, I noticed that a Capture One context menu appeared when I right-click on a folder. What is this for, and how can I get rid of the Capture One context menu?

capture one context menu


This context menu for Capture One can be used for a number of quick actions such as opening a folder of images, or setting a folder as a designated Capture Folder.

There are two ways to accomplish getting rid of the Capture One context menu if you wish to do so.

First way is to change the setting inside of the Capture One Preferences: 

1. Open Capture One and go to the Edit Menu > Preferences.

2. Scroll down in the General tab to where it says, "Windows Explorer Integration"


3. Uncheck the box below that is titled, "Show item in folder context menu"

4. This will bring up a dialogue box to allow Capture One to make changes to your PC. Click "Yes."

Now the Capture One context menu should be gone when right-clicking on a folder in Windows.



The second (manual) way will require you to remove the shell extension for Capture One inside of the Windows system registry.  Here is how to do it:

1. Open Windows Explorer

2. In the Address bar at the top, delete the path that exists and type, "REGEDIT" and press Enter


3. This will prompt you with a dialogue box to allow the Registry Editor app to make changes to your PC Registry. Click "Yes"



5. Hit Ctrl + F on the keyboard.

6. Type "CAPTUREONE" (all one word) and make sure all boxes are checked, including the box at the bottom titled, "Match whole string only."


7. Then click "Find Next."

8. This should bring you to a subfolder titled, "CaptureOne" inside a parent folder titled "Folder\shell inside the "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT" folder. If not, you can hit F3 on the keyboard until you get to it.  


You can confirm you are in the correct place at the bottom of the Registry Editor. It should contain the following path:


9. Delete the Capture One folder. **You may want to first right-click on it, export and save it as a backup, in case you want to re-install later on. Also, be careful not to delete the "Shell" folder above it.

10. You must restart the computer for changes to take effect. Now the Capture One menu should be gone when right-clicking on any folder in Windows.