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Live Preview with Phase One Camera and Digital Back

Last updated: 29-09-2015


How do I configure my camera body so that I may use Live Preview.


Phase One XF / DF+ body and IQ and Credo backs:

Enabling live preview will automatically open the shutter on the XF / DF+ and close it when done.
Recommended minimum firmware to ensure this works optimal is:
XF: Any firmware
DF+ 2.31
IQ 1 and 2 CCD version: 5.10
IQ 1 and 2 CMOS version: 1.05

Phase One AF and DF Body:

Use Live Preview with Phase One Backs:
1. Set DF body to time (one shutter speed past bulb)

2. Launch Live Preview (The Back will Display "Live View")
3. Press Play in The Live Preview Screen
4. Push the shutter release button once.
5. Refresh Live Preview if necessary.
(Trying to open the shutter before pressing "Play" will show "Busy DB" on the Camera's LCD)

Exit Live Preview:
5. Pause Live Preview
6. Push the shutter release button to close the shutter
7. Close Live Preview

When using the P40+ or P65+ it is important to follow these steps very carefully.  You can not open the shutter before launching Live Preview, and if you close the shutter after closing Live Preview the following Captures will be corrupt, relaunching and reconnecting the back will then be necessary.

Using other P+ backs:
If you are using any other P + back the directions are the same however you can open the shutter before or after you Press Play in Live Preview and you can close the shutter before or after you Close/Pause Live Preview.

Notes for optimal Live Preview use:
Live Preview is designed for medium or darker studio lightning where modelling light is the main light source. Heavy lightning or direct sunlight will cause image degration.
We recommend to use a desktop computer with a supported firewire interface because of the high transfer rate and data amount.
Some iMac's and laptops may cause slow and partly corrupted images due to lower transfer rate, batterypower and older cables can also affect the quality.
Using a laptop with the AC adapter plugged in will not improve this.
Use the camera on a tripod. The large sensors transfer several images in a few seconds when using Live Preview, hand held use will cause smearing and blooming when changing position and camera angle to fast as the sensor needs to refresh and transfer several images every second.

Phase One 645 AF Camera

1. Launch Live Preview from within Capture One
2. Navigate to Custom Function 22 and set it to "1".  This will allow the shutter release button to be used to start and stop the bulb exposure.

3. Rotate the shutter release dial to MUP
4. Change the exposure mode from CF to Manual exposure mode.  Set shutter speed to bulb

5. Press the shutter release button,  you will hear the mirror lock into the up position.
6. Press the shutter release button again to turn the sensor on.
7. Press the Live Preview play button and make adjustments as desired.