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Summary System Requirements for Expression Media 2
Problem Below is the System Requirements to run Expression Media 2 on Mac and Windows computers.


Microsoft Windows

•Intel Pentium III 500 MHz processor or equivalent (Intel Pentium 4). 

•1 gigabyte (GB) of RAM. 

•1024 x 768 display with 24-bit color. 

•100 megabytes (MB) of hard disk space for installation.

•Windows XP (XP SP2) or Windows Vista. (32bit)

•A version of Apple QuickTime not earlier than version 7.3.1 (optional). 

•DirectX 9.0c. 

•A version of Adobe Reader not earlier than version 7.0 for PDF file support.


Apple Macintosh

•Expression Media Reader supports Intel-based Macintosh. 1

•PowerPC® or Intel Core Processor. 

•A version of Apple Macintosh OS X not earlier than version 10.4.8. 

•A version of Apple Macintosh OS X not later than version 10.5.8. 

•A version of Apple QuickTime not earlier than version 7.3.1. 

•Monitor set to Millions of Colors 

•100 MB of hard disk space for installation. 

•512 MB of RAM or more.


Please note that these are Expression Media 2 Only.

If you are looking for Media Pro Reqirements please click HERE.
Last updated 25-08-2015
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