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How to uninstall Capture One 4.x and 5.x on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6

Last updated: 12-07-2017


Below are the instructions on how to uninstall Capture One 4.x and 5.x on Mac OS 10.5 and 10.6


If You Are Running Mac OSX 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion - Please Click Here For Proper Uninstall Directions

1. Deactivate Capture One so that the activation will be free to use on another computer or on the same computer with new hardware. This can be done by navigating to Capture One>License...>Click Deactivate.

2. Quit Capture One (if running)

3. Drag the application to the trash: HD>Applications>Capture One

4. Delete the Library file located here: Mac HD>User>Pictures>Capture one Library>Capture One.col (capture One.col45 with version 4 and .col50 with version 5 and 6)

5. Delete the Preference files located here: 


NOTE: Verison 7 users should delete



6. Application support folders:

These contain all the user presets, workspaces, keyboad shortcuts and batch queue history. These should be removed when uninstalling.

If trouble shooting and you want to do this from a clean install point, back-up this folder in another location first, so you can to replace elements later.

The batch queue folder contains processing history and should be cleaned out if trouble shooitng crash on start-up.

User>Library>Application Support>Capture One (>Batch Queue)

This article applies to the following categories

     Capture One 5.x
     Capture One 6.x Express
     Capture One 6.x PRO


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