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Why do the Exposure Evaluation, Levels and Histogram tools show different values?

Last updated: 13-06-2018


The three Capture One tools: Exposure Evaluation, Levels and Histograms show different values. Why?


The Exposure Evaluation, Levels and Histogram tools show different values because they show the data while in different parts of the image pipeline.

Exposure Evaluation: The Exposure Evaluation tool shows the actual RAW data information as shot in camera together with the selected Film Curve and the White balance/Tint. The Exposure Evaluation histogram only changes if a crop is applied or a Film Curve is changed or if white balance/tint changes. No other adjustments will be reflected in the tool.

Levels: The Levels tool takes more adjustments into account. Adding exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness, HDR, Vignetting and Clarity settings to the Levels histogram. However, it excludes itself from the displayed values. This enables the user to adjust the brightness from darkest pixels to the brightest pixels, and adjusting the midtones or inverting the image. The RGB Channel modes also enables to correct for color shifts between the channels.

Histogram: The Histogram tool reflects what you see in the preview including all adjustments such as Curves, Color Edits, ICC profiles etc. It shows the histogram based on ALL adjustments applied on top of the RAW data and shows all the changes you have made