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Article ID 1187
Summary Hasselblad Arcbody, Flexbody and 900 SWC series compatibility with digital backs
Problem Will Digital backs work with these cameras?

Hasselblad Flexbody

All PhaseOne digital backs P/P+, IQ, and Credo will mount and fire in 2-shot mode.  With the use of the Phase One wake-up cable (Item # 50300131).  The plunger on the One-Shot Kapture Group solution is not long enough to trip the shutter on the Flexbody.



1. Make Lens settings

2. Mount Digital back

3. Attach Wake-Up cable

4. Cock the shutter

5. Press the button on the Wake-Up cable

6. Press the plunger on the shutter-release cable and exposure is made.


Hasselblad  SWC / 903 / 905

All Phase One digital backs with standard Hasselblad V mount works.



Hasselblad Arcbody

H25, P20, P25, P21, P30 and P45 and P+ series cameras cannot be mounted on the camera body. The camera body can only be used if modified by a toolmaker manually. On the camera, there are extra metal edge/frames 1 mm higher than the ground surface and 3 mm wider which prevents the back from mounting.

The H20, H10, H5 and older camera backs can, in most cases, be mounted. Phase One cannot support this configuration allthough we know that some users have this configuration in their studio.

If you choose to mount a H20 or older camera back with the Arc-Body, please mount them very carefully, depressing the back slightly together with the body.


Last updated 04-01-2016
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