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Summary How to deactivate Capture One directly in the application
Problem It is now possible to deactivate a specific instance of Capture One directly from within the software. Eliminating the need to contact Phase One support in order to free up activation credits or to install Capture One on new or upgraded computer, or to switch between Capture One Modes (trial, DB, non PRO and PRO).

If you no longer have access to the computer, click here for instructions to deactivate from the Phase One website


1.  Open the License window.


On PC you can do so by going to menu and selecting “Help” followed by “License Information” and on Mac by going to “Capture One” menu item and selecting “License…”


On Mac you can access the license window in following fashion: "Capture One" menu item and select "License..."



2.  In the License window, please click the button Deactivate. 



3.  In the next step you will need to confirm that you want to deactivate this computer by checking the box provided in the window. Once checked, the deactivate button will be enabled and become clickable. Clicking on this button will deactivate this computer and therefore free up one activation credit that can be used for activation of a different machine.






Last updated 30-09-2015
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