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KB 1211

Capture One 4: How do I copy adjustments from one image to other(s)?

Last updated: 04-01-2016


Capture One 4 contains a Copy/Paste Adjustment tool that allows you to apply adjustments made on one image to another image or to many others simultaneously


This function consists of two parts - the Copy Adjustment and Paste Adjustment tool. 

Both are accessible in various locations throughout the application and it is up to you which one suits your workflow the best. They can be accessed either via the Tool palette where you can toggle between Copy and Paste Adjustment tool by clicking on the tool and holding the mouse button until the sub-menu appears.

Alternatively you can access them three other ways

1. The keyboard shortcut “a” 

2. Via the Menu where they are located under Adjustments sub-menu. As you can see in this menu they can also be recalled directly by shortcut shift+command+C or V on Mac and shift+Ctrl+C or V on Windows. 

3. Finally they can be found in the Adjustments tab

Copy adjustments

By pressing the copy adjustment button the adjustments of the selected image is transferred to the adjustment clipboard.

Apply adjustments

By selecting the preferred adjustment and pressing the apply button the adjustments is transferred to the selected images.

The following example will utilize the Adjustments tab to showcase all features of these tools:

When you select an image and do all the desired adjustments to it you can go to the Adjustment tab and press the “Copy” button at the bottom of the tab (the process would be the same if Menu item or the tool from Tool palette was used instead).


In this next example, all images were underexposed and we adjusted:

Exposure settings on one of the images. By pressing "Copy" the adjustments are being copied and a “tick/check-mark” shows which adjustments have been made and are being copied (in this example only Exposure adjustments has been made and is the only one ticked). You can deselect any adjustments that you do not want to copy to other images.  When ready select all images and variants you want the adjustments to be copied to and press “Apply” button.

As you can see the adjustments have been copied to all selected images and show a correct Exposure now.  The same workflow can be used for any adjustments that Capture One 4 is capable of changing including Meta Data and rating.