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    Knowledgebase article

    Article ID 1221
    Summary Lens Choice for Digital Backs on Technical Cameras
    Problem Not all lenses work well with all digital back. Some backs may show vignetting, artifacts or lines with certain wide angle lenses.
    Solution It is important to use lenses that produce a wide enough image circle to accomodate the back's CCD.

    Lenses with 90 mm image circle:
    Schneider Kreuznach 47mm XL
    Linos Rodenstock 40mm HR

    Lenses with 70 mm image circle: (will barely cover the area of P 65+/IQ160/IQ180 and not allow for any shift)
    Linos Rodenstock 23mm and 28mm HR

    Lenses with 60 mm Image circle (will barely cover the P 45+ / P 25+)
    Schneider Kreuznach 24 mm XL

    Furthermore the P 65+/IQ160/IQ180/IQ 260/IQ 280/Credo 60/Credo 80 is not recommended with extreme wide non-retro focus lenses like the Schneider Kreuznach 28mm XL, Schneider Kreuznach 35mm XL and in some cases Schneider Kreuznack 47 mm XL.
    Even though these lenses has more than 70 mm image circle, they are producing a very steep angle incoming light along the edges. This can result in uncorrectible lines and color casts in the images.
    Instead we recommend similar Rodenstock HR lenses which have a retrofocus design.

    Here is an example of an uncorrectable shot made on an IQ180 and a Schneider 28mm XL lens

    Sometimes wide angle lenses will produce a pattern of repeated lines in an image. Here is an example at 100%

    In most cases these lines can be corrected by enabling "Wide Angle Lens with Movements" when creating an LCC

    Here is the result after LCC correction:

    Use the table below as a general guide to compatibility with most standard wide angle lenses from Schneider Kreuznach and Rodenstock

    Please review the following compatibillity guideline:

    IQ250, IQ140 and Credo 40 has equivelent physical sensor size to P40+
    IQ280/180 and IQ260/160 has equivelent physical sensor size as P65+

    Lens data sheets are available in the links section of this article.

    Last updated June 1, 2015

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